Hey, I'm fixing to start a painting & I've never used acrylic paint retarder or extender before. I've read different ways to apply it but, nowhere tells me how much to use. I'm interested if anyone has mixed some in a spray bottle with water & mist the whole palette? What's the ratio to use? Any other methods or information is welcome as well. Thank you.

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Hi Perry. Based on my experiences and what I have read I suggest the following.  When I start an Acrylic painting, I first prime the surface with an emulsion or relevant sealer. Once dried I use a wash of the background colour. This is only watered down sufficiently to allow the paint to cover the surface, the dilution must allow sufficient pigment to be left on the paper. I.E. Your suggestion to mix some in a spray bottle is not one I would recommend, as I've seen this done before when the surface has been to week, and even a drop of water has caused damage when the paint was dry. As I live in Cyprus the summers are hot for 7 months of the year, and my Acrylic painting dries to quick. You can buy a retarder to mix with the paint, or spray a little clear water onto the surface as I sometimes do, but that's all.

To apply paint I use it directly from the tube and water down only 5 to 10% especially when doing fine work.  Have you been on You tube and typed in "How to paint using Acrylic paint" I have found most things I need to know there.

Any more questions, please feel free to send me a message. happy painting, Dave.

Thank you for the suggestions & tips. I have been on YouTube & gotten some good info there too. I'm painting a closet door for a client & that was what was challenging me to find relevant information. Not much out there on painting doors lol. But, I've just started plowing ahead & experimenting with it as I go. Experience is the best teacher! Thanks again! 

Hi Parry,
I suggest you on you tube an artist who teaches very well the acrylic and you will have all the answers to your questions ... Here is the link


This is his page of all the videos and you will also have the chance to understand everything he teaches because I my language is French but I manage pretty well with English but I think you will understand more than Me ... as I am visual well I learned a lot from him ...
Good success in your approach ...

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