What's your favorite paste or glue for collage work?

I quite like Golden Soft Gel Gloss (which I also wrote about here: http://community.art-is-fun.com/forum/topics/soft-gel-gloss) but as I point out in that thread, I'm not sure if Soft Gel Gloss is able to adhere 3-D objects like rhinestones, buttons, etc to a surface.

I used to use Yes! Paste but have recently heard that it is not archival as it is advertised to be - many artists have complained that it turns brown after just a few years. I haven't decided yet if I will throw away my jar or keep it for craft purposes.

Any suggestions on a good, strong glue for collage or mixed media art that is preferably archival?

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I just wanted to update this thread to say that I used Glue Dots in my last few collages and mixed media pieces, and I LOVE them!!  I first heard about Glue Dots in this thread, so thank you to everyone who shared your experiences with them.

They're really easy to use, they seem to form a nice strong adhesion, and they eliminate the messiness of gluing or pasting really tiny bits together.  I used the small 3/16" glue dots and just bought a roll of the 1/2" dots for use on larger areas.

I think that unless the bottle says "archival" then it is not archival. The glues that are archival seem to be labelled as such.  I did a Google search and found these glues that are labelled "archival": http://www.artistcraftsman.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=...

Hope that helps!

inspirations113 said:

Are white glues archival....... Elmer's....Tacky Glue?

I was using elmers or similar white glue  for cards.... for nothing archival...... but layer upon layer equal stiff cards.  I went to a glue stick... seemed better.

any opinion great.......

thank you


Im a Mod Podge gal all the way!!! I have several different types and use them all. About the only one i dont care for alot but i use it on antiqueing stuff is the satin finish. It does give off a "goldish" appearance. But depending on what you are using it for it might be just the ticket. I made several boxes that i altered and glued and sealed with the Satin finish to give it that antique look. I am also a big big lover of glue dots. i have all different sizes of the round and square ones. Excellent for giving dimension to altered items and the small ones are great for small items or on greeting cards.

This is a gorgeous collage Christina. And the Satin Mod Podge was the perfect choice for this project. I use Mod Podge as both a glue and a sealer when I am collaging over boxes too. I think it's one of the best options we have!

Thank you for the information.  I will purchase Mod Podge.


jade glue is archival and dries clear and there is no browning...would use for thicknesses up to mat board or foam core ...love jade glue...must be kept in specific temps but, it is what i use all the time for book making, collage, mixed media...my standard.  but, nothing beats epoxy or weldbond for stranger, heavier objects

My favorite adhesive is Golden Gel Medium (Matte or Gloss), however, for adding heavier embellishments I use liquid glass from Close To My Heart.

i like mod pdge, aquadhere and glue sticks. your ideas are terrific. thanks . i might try out a couple soon.

hi i'm also using liquitex matte medium over and under, and golden soft gel gloss. all glues are nice. mod podge is the coolest though!


i have to wear gloves even if i think about glue!

i get a sort of 'contact dermatitis' from them all and 'ouch'!

Hello everyone!!! I know my last name here is showing "Shelton"...this is my "after divorce" name...It was "Thykeson"..maybe now some of you old timers may remember me...

I am loving catching up on what everyone has been up to...I love talking adhesives and glues...for collage I have my own, secret recipe glue that has several ingredients to it, but it works great...for heavy items in collages, I swear by E6000..not sure how I lived so long without it, lol!  Now, seriously for a second...I have a silly question...I have a ton of sequins that I have never used...I wanted to ask all of you talented people if you could suggest a glue or medium that is best for adhering sequins to a collage piece or painting...I am leaning toward the soft gel gloss or the matte medium instead of using a "glue"...am I on the right track?

By the way, it's great to be visiting with all of you and reading your forums and seeing your art...what inspiration!! What talent!!

i bought aileen's tacky glue and it seems to be just like aquadhere. does anyone know if it is the same? they are both white glues.

or are there lots of different white glues? what are some of the others then? does anyone have these answers?

btw, i have a small tub of golden soft gel, and i like the feel on my brush, but i don't like the finish much. it's ok for gluing but not for finishing like mod podge is.

I love rubber cement for thin paper on paper. It doesn't pucker. (Like thin magazine paper glued to cardstock)

For heavier paper, I use Elmer's white and Mod Podge.

For emblishments, buttons, metal, gems... I use hot glue. I will use a low-temp or high temp gun, depending on the weight.

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