Now that there seems to be so much interest in Brusho, and some of the Brusho Queens (moniker started by Pat), are getting their orders of Brusho, I thought I'd share some tips I've learned, and open a forum for us all to communicate through! In the near future I will post "tutorials" showing how I created different effects, and I would love to see the same from those of you also playing with Brusho!

1.  Don't open the lids, I pierce mine, then you sprinkle like a salt shaker. With one hole I'm able to put it into pans for adding water, I can tap it into the spray bottle and I can sprinkle it directly onto wet and dry paper!

2.  I use 140 lb watercolour paper with Brusho because of the amount of water involved. (most especially when you sprinkle onto dry paper and spray with water)

3.  Have LOTS of water and paper towels ready. You can use a lot of water with Brusho, so have it at the ready! This consequently means that you'll need lots of paper towels to mop up as you go!

4.  Use plastic over your work surface.  I use 6 mm vapour barrier poly. I also let it drape to the floor between the table and myself, no unhappy accidents if crystals fall onto stuff stored under your work surface (I store all my WIP's under the table and would hate to get it wet next session and find a brand new surprise colour on it!).

When and if you purchase Brusho, there should be a pamphlet in with your pots of Brusho crystals, it's small but informative!

Here are a few works with Brusho, these 5 are Brusho backgrounds,

with Sakura Micron and Zentangle became this,

This was a fun project for a First Birthday present,

Using a black wax crayon and Brusho,

There is so much more you can do with this! To think it's paint in primary school in the UK (lucky kids!) More coming soon, and please add your thoughts, tips, etc.! happy playing! Jo

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I don't have a clue......something will pop in my head,  that's what usually

A beautiful piece of work.  I was going to say 'don't touch it', but working on the background made it more so.  Well done.

Thanks Cecile! Really fun medium to play with!
Did some card making on the weekend and posted some tips and a link to a tutorial. Somehow created a new discussion, here's the link.
Just came across this video, painting with Brusho, enjoy!

got it…and wowie i'm totally hooked. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Received my brusho set, so now the fun begins playing and experimenting : )  Thanks for all the info and pic's they will certainly help if I get flustered : )

You'll have fun with it

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