British war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously said:

"Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities... because it is the quality which guarantees all others." 

It often takes a lot of courage to be an artist - not necessarily to put pen to paper or brush to canvas, but certainly to show our art to others.

We can be courageous in the subject matter we choose to portray, the materials we choose to use, the amount of exposure we give our art...

It often takes courage to show our art to friends and family in the first instance, to exhibit our art, to approach others seeking to sell our art...

As you know, The Art Colony turns 1 year old this month. I see the site as a very courageous idea, and I find it so exciting that others have come on board and supported it.

So to celebrate "our" first birthday, I invite you to share one courageous thing that you have done this year in regard to your art.

This challenge is one of 30 that is being posted during the month of June 2012 in honor of The Art Colony's 1st birthday!! We'll be posting a new challenge each day. To view all the challenges, please visit this thread:

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Very insightful, Rose. And isn't it amazing how many of us here use art as our form of release? I agree with you totally that stress releases such as art/creativity should be taught or encouraged in a more balanced manner. With our education system all based on monetary achievement (at least over here!) and the health system based on a medical model, we tend to have to come to these realisations ourselves. And taking the step into actually doing something for ourselves in the way of creativity takes courage!

Rose Harrell said:

Thank you Meg for all your kind words.  And yes I found the class critiques very encouraging.  Adult classes don't seem to be critical like school kids.  With every wrong I learned a right and was encouraged in all the things I did correctly also.  Sometimes in being courageous we have to brake the mold our parents help to mold us with.  My dad was "always prepare for your future and time to play" type person.  He was a wonderful father...I don't mean any bad and I am proud he taught me all I know.  But I believe health issues wouldn't be so bad if a form of stress release was ever taught too.   
Meg Mackenzie said:

Gosh, Rose, I am so glad that The Art Colony has been part of your courageous art actions this year! I know the feeling about feeling guilty doing something for oneself. Luckily I don't feel that way too often, because I have a very supportive husband who values the happy calm place that is created when I make art or do other things that make me happy. And I have learnt that there is a time for doing dishes or housework and a time for making art or "playing" in my garden. But it wasn't an easy barrier to break through. 

It really sounds like you are breaking through that barrier, though. Having one's art critiqued in front of a class can indeed by very confronting. I am so pleased that you were brave enough to stand it - it can be incredibly rewarding! Did you learn a lot from the process?

And I am genuinely pleased that you felt the courage to share your artwork on The Art Colony. As you have experienced, we're a friendly and sharing bunch. Not only has no-one laughed at your art (we're not like that here), but I see that people have made some genuine comments about your artworks. I am so delighted that your courage has led you along this path. And thank you so much for sharing your courageous art story here. I am really so inspired to hear how you have come to be with us!

Rose Harrell said:

Courage:  Sometimes just being in public takes courage for me.  Being in my 50's and taking a step to do something fun for myself without feeling guilty took courage.  The first time I drew something and it had to be critiqued in front of the class, continually stepping out of my comfort zone each time I try a new medium, joining The Art Colony thinking my art would just be laughed at...or not allowed to join because it wasn't good enough.  It has taken a lot of courage for me to take each of these steps.  I am glad I did, I'm glad I was allowed to be a part of TAC and that noone has laughed at my attempts at something new and fun.  :)  Thank You!

Oh gosh, hope this is the correct place to reply. When I first started this way back when I found myself getting confused as to where to apply things and simply did not bother to go back and life also got in the way with this tour I did.

First let me apologize for not keeping up with discussion, Here it is Oct 8, 2014 and I am going the Art Colony site and here I had completely forgot that I had entered this info on my Tour and cannot believe it has been this long since I wrote this. I did enjoy the newsletter and seeing everyone's work. And here I am again trying to figure out how to get info on and still not sure. I wanted to let you know about the tour and all that I learned from it and try to add an image for the abstract of the month.  So before I write about the tour I thought I would send this first and you could let me know if I am in the correct place and where to add abstract image if I am still allowed to do so since I have been away so long. Again my apologize to all.


Alice Y. Seguin Sawicki said:

Hi all, Alice Sawicki from Northern Ontario, I am replying to "Courageous" thing I have done this year.

I have been painting for quite a few years and I have had numerous solo and group exhibitions but this year I am taking the plunge; I have decided to have a touring exhibition and to date I have 8 confirmed bookings. Man there is a lot to think about doing that to make sure you don't double book and prepare your own advertisement, plan for opening receptions, invites, cut my own mats, frame my own work and somewhere in all that create the work for the exhibition. Wow, tired just writing about it. My show will be all New Works and I titled it "Remember When". My first one is opening in August in Englehart Ontario and I am getting a bit nervous about it all. Pretty big step for me. I decided not to bother with Grant assistance another brave step, it is all coming out of my own pocket. (my pension monies) I also thought perhaps to look for Sponsors to help out but I decided it is touch enough for folks to get by as it is why bother them with my money problems. Besides it is my dream and so to date I have twenty some pieces ready.

I have added a few samples, perhaps you could let me know your thoughts. Any ways, before I write a book, that is my courageous thing I am doing. Have a great summer and keep those brushes wet and flying.

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