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VC's art works are done using various mediums

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 If I had to describe my artwork, I guess I would say it's impressionistic and conceptual. A bit of an over-simplification, but honestly I don't spend a lot of time thinking about being formal in describing my art to how others should interpret the artwork from my perspective. Granted, I will offer it with the individual pieces I create but usually I just leave that to the one observing the artwork itself. Art to me is like truth. Sounds cliche but I think it revolves around perception/perspective which is why it's hard to label something because the perception of everyone varies, it's to be experienced subjectively and should speak to the individual personally in an abstract way which is how everyone finds their own truth through the image differently. I guess that is how I would describe my art... impressionistic, conceptual, open and interpretative.

Been painting, sketching/drawing off and on for 3-4 years. Self-taught.

I love working with so many different mediums, so I don't really have a favorite but I tend to work more with graphite, soft/dry and oil pastels and acrylic paint and I love working with them all equally

Art, much like anything that is considered a valuable human expression to me, tells a story and is revealing. Gives us a way to communicate with each other in creative ways that not only benefit ourselves but the world around us. The act of creating... anything, is precious and holds great importance. The fact that we can create something out of nothing is amazing to me. The idea that you can consciously take something as immaterial as a thought and turn it into something with physical properties that can in turn influence the perspective of how others think for better or worse, proves to me that every thought and act of creation holds great meaning. I view it like the butterfly or domino effect. A simple exchange of words can change the world so a painting to me, can do a great deal more. I guess that idea is what makes creating art for me, the element that drives me. It is also a way to get out of my head and relax from the pressures of the world at times.

Peace of mind in today's world is important so if creating art is what you like or love to do, keep at it and do not get discouraged from your happiness. I just want to say thanks to the Mods for consideration in featuring my artwork. :) It's appreciated greatly and I feel very humbled.

VC's  Showcase

When you view the Gallery, be sure to click on the images to view them larger! 

Thank you for looking ......and please do take a look at VC's Page

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ty paul:)

Paul Dodd said:

wonderful artwork in your gallery

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