I'm new to CP & I love trying mixed media in particular  with Folk Art. I purchased "Suzi Blu, Mixed Media Girls" book for the reference. What kind of paper would you suggest to use for Prismacolor pencils for the face that will be cut out & modgepodged, (or she suggests Matte Medium for gluing) onto a canvas??. I tried 20lb copy paper but it tore :(  I ended up painting the face with acrylics directly on the canvas after scraping the paper off. It's not nearly as nice as my torn çp face was...

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This is lovely.! In my limited experience I always use at least 140 g/m weight paper for anything that will be using a wet medium. Anything lighter then that will tear and not be strong enough to work with. Looking forward to your future work.

This is lovely and so adorable. Can't really help you with answers to your questions. I'm not an artiist. But I am a crafter and MP is so dang touchy and I've been using it for years. I have better luck with "Aleene's  Collage Pauge" especially on more delicate papers.

BTW, how do you get the flesh color. That is a real problem for me, esp. with CPs

Hi Judie! I usually lurk, but your question came to my email inbox and I feel like I should answer it because I know the answer! LOL Believe it or not, I actually took the Petite Shabby Doll class from Suzi online, before the book came out. I pulled my notes and printed class materials down off the shelf and looked through them. Lots of neat memories came flooding back, the class AND Suzi were both a real trip! A good one! :-)

I also later bought the book and I skimmed that lesson, so that I could notice any possible changes she'd made to the book version. The only big change I found was she is allowing folks to use a canvas substrate. We were only allowed to use a cradle board or similar. And I think this may be where the problem lies.

In my class supply list and notes, it says like the book - copy paper or thin drawing/sketching paper. My notes from the videos say "smooth sketch paper, more than 60#".  Other people had same problem as you when using copy paper. Suzi would tell them it was because they had not let it dry long enough before touching the face (after it was adhered to board.)

Anyway, a discussion ensured and people started trying out all kinds of paper. The bottom line to it was that hot press watercolor paper of the lowest # possible was good (65#-140#).  Better was Canson 90# watercolor paper because it took wet well and also smooth enough for pencil work. That worked well for me, but what worked almost as well was deli paper. Some folks liked drafting vellum too. (I did not try that one.) 

Other students used the thin drawing paper and copy paper without problems. I do think if you are using canvas substrate, you should try a little thicker paper, like > 60#. It has to be smooth, though. Oh, and most of us used Liquitex Fluid Matte Medium for glueing the face on. I hope this helps!

Your petite doll is gorgeous! I must say, you did a fine job from following the book. Bravo! I was so happy to see Suzi got a book. Her geometrics for doing the face was a real groundbreaker and is still better than other ways I seen since.



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