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Silvia Claudia Rivas ganadora del Premio Ángel Ganivet 2017

Portrait of poet Silvia Claudia Rivas 

It is not just another meaningless fable was the work that led the Argentine poet Silvia Claudia Rivas to the top of the 11th Ángel Ganivet International Literary Contest, whose ruling was made public on November 14, the date on which…


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Being Inspired

Hi just wanted to introduce myself to you all I'm Nick and have just got back in to art, as the last time I did any art was at school and that was a longtime ago as I'm now 54 years of age, anyway to cut to the chase I have been in a wheelchair for three months after surgery, and I was looking for something to do to stop me going completely stir crazy as daytime TV is mind numing ! So I decide to start some drawing and I found it so relaxing and fufulling I wanted others to fill the same so I… READ MORE

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Is there life out there?

I have been gone for a bit.

Mainly posting to Instagram and Plus, and decided to come back to see if there is a pulse here. 

If so, say hello! 

Here is a list of art related things I have been working on.

Pen and ink - Oh, how I love the boldness it offers and how smooth it is, how it can be diluted for special effects!

Pencil sketches - I have been addicted to my pencils as of late that my acrylics are drying out! Is it the end of the world for my…


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The painting value

Once it is completed,any good painting will not only look good but also bear certain sinificance in itself.Such a kind of significancy can be regarded as the spirit value of the art work.The spirit will be passed from generation to generation as the painting is presented and broardcasted in the public.Such a spirit is the most valuable part of the art,it can be the reflection from a history event and can also be the repsentation of the ideaolody of the artist.In many cases,the spirit of the…


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The 18th Annual Box Show at Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes, CA

Silent Rave by Carla J Patterson (Box #140)

It's that time of year again and my 4th year participating in this annual fundraiser for Gallery Route…


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Out and about

Summer in France is always busy,the bustle of visitors for workshops and often just to stay and be social for a week or so. The need to step out of village life becomes a must and so we head for the mountains, woods,rivers, waterfalls and lakes all stretching away into the distanced leaving life behind. Today at Lac de Lampy i found myself lying in the shade of a sweet chestnut tree and watching the butterflies break the dappled sunlight over my head. All around me were sticks and bits of…


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suggestions and ideas


Been on here over a few months now and the support has been amazing, feel like a part of a family on here and can express and show my ideas and artwork. I draw digitally but do draw some hand drawn things. I mainly draw animals, flowers and whimsical. my questions are does any one know of any interesting an unusual flowers/animals I can try and draw? any ideas be appricated as I am running out of ideas.

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For you information. I received yesterday the PRESS RELEASE for my new book My Family, My Friends, My Life. It can be found under my webpage URL

Please take a look. The cover has my pen name Isabell von der Waldesruh

I will be around more often with my newer paintings.

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The Aloe Farm

When my husband mentioned that he and a friend wanted to visit the Aloe Farm (about 40 minutes away from the city where we live) to take photographs, I saw it as an ideal opportunity to get some drawing practice.

Aloes are as varied in size, colour and species as most other flowering plants. What I didn't expect was the feeling of being overwhelmed when trying to draw them in a group. My first drawing was of a single aloe growing by itself on a little mound of sand and rocks. That was…


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Retrato de Federico Garcia Lorca

Retrato de Federico Garcia Lorca, Alejandro Cabeza,Salomé Guadalupe Ingelmo, Museo Nacional del Teatro, Ángel Ganivet, Pintura Valenciana, Pintores Valencianos, Anselmo Miguel Nieto, Valle-Inclán, Beatriz Patiño, Esmeralda Serrano, José Manuel Montero, José Enrique López, Elvira Garrido, Mª Teresa del Pozo Portrait of Federico García Lorca / Oil on canvas 116 x 89 cm / Collection Nacional Museo del Teatro / Almagro 2017 /…


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Inspiration abroad

I recently travelled to New Zealand with my husband for his sister's wedding. What an amazing country and inspiraton to create in every medium is freely available everywhere. There isn't a nook or cranny of the country that did not inspire me to come back and create a menagerie of beautiful things and I couldn't wait to get home to start painting)

However, having said that, we came back and immediately started packing for a move closer to our work. In doing so I discoverd old artwork…


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What's the point?

Hi There,

Over the past few months I've noticed that there are a number of TAC members who never say thanks for the praise they receive (you know who you are). Personally I find this extremely rude and ignorant, and for which there are no excuses.…


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new blog for 2017

hi friends,

i'll be 59 on st patrick's day. ye gads. that makes three years at tac. wild.

well, i love my friends so much, which you all know, and i enjoy viewing everyone's art in the gallery.

we have all sorts of members here, don't we, from beginners to pro's. and i like to see where everyone is up to, in their learning and skill development. i belong to a fine art website, too,  so i get to view some other wonderful and exciting pieces, held by the big galleries;…


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Pop Up Art Exhibitioin Weekend!

I'm excited to share with you that this weekend I will have the opportunity to exhibit my artwork in my hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts.

On March 18th & 19th J. Rose Imaging Photography…


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Goodbye internet, sort of

So anyways, I am going to be a young church service missionary for the the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The difference between this and proselyting mission is that instead of knocking on doors, I’ll just be doing service projects around the area where I live. I will be starting my Mission on…


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Retrato de Azorín

Retrato de Azorín, Alejandro Cabeza, Retratista Valenciano, Retratista español, Pintura Valenciana, Salomé Guadalupe Ingelmo, Alejandro Cabeza Biografía, Pintores españoles, Pintor Alejandro Cabeza, Retratistas españoles actuales, Retratistas actuales, Retratistas españoles, Alejandro Cabeza, Pintores Valencianos, Joaquín Torrents Llado, Félix Revello de Toro, Antonio López García, Cristobal Toral, Eduardo Naranjo, Hernán Cortés Moreno, Manuel Benedito vives,José Payá Bernabé, Azorín, Museo Azorín, Director de la Casa Museo Azorin, José Augusto Trinidad Martínez
 Retrato de Azorín / Óleo …

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Commenting on art in the gallery...

I am having issues often when I try to comment on art posted in the gallery...Does anyone else have trouble with this?

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Passing of Sharon nelson

I'm Sharon Nelsons husband Kevin,
I'm so sorry to inform all of Sharon's friends that Sharon passed away in July 2016 after a six month stay in hospital.
It has taken this long to figure out her password to get onto this site and let you all know.
Kevin nelson

Added by Sharon Nelson on January 3, 2017 at 8:21am — 1 Comment


I've struggled with my artistic identity for a while now. I haven't been able to branch out and brand myself as a lot of others do when seeking to follow art as a career. It's been my dream! 

My only problem is that i have a really, really boring and common name. Emily A. is as common as John Smith in some places, there's 4 at my school. :/ So the thing is i'm trying to establish something else to be me, but that something just isn't coming along.

Ach, i guess i'm just ranting.…


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Ramón Cortez Cabello ganador del Premio Ángel Ganivet 2016

Ramón Cortez Cabello, Alejandro Cabeza, Ángel Ganivet, Concurso Literario Internacional Ángel Ganivet, Retrato de Ramón Cortez Cabello, Alejandro Cabeza Biografía, Pintores españoles, Pintor Alejandro Cabeza, Retratistas españoles actuales, Retratistas actuales, Retratistas españoles, Alejandro Cabeza, Pintores Valencianos, Joaquín Torrents Llado, Félix Revello de Toro, Antonio López García, Cristobal Toral, Eduardo Naranjo, Hernán Cortés Moreno, Manuel Benedito vives Retrato de Ramón Cortez Cabello

El ganador de este año, el mexicano doctor Ramón A. Cortez Cabello ‒representado durante el acto de entrega de premios por el Ministro Marco Antonio Loustaunau Caballero, Jefe de Cancillería de la Embajada de México…


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