I am wondering what others think about a display and sales website of your own?

Are these successful in relation to the costs involved in setting it up and the running costs?

I can also add to mine sales of resin scale model parts and plants plus model building articles. While I know this would add to the folk viewing the site, the main aim of the site in reality is to display and sell (hopefully) my own art work.

Eagerly awaiting any and all replies

Thanks for reading this


Cliff Hutchings

aka MrRoo S.I.R 

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I would say it depends on your website building prowess...

If you can build and maintain your own site, you can get a free site with e-commerce, set it up yourself, and maintain it yourself. The website cost would be $0. Now, you would have to pay a fee to your payment processor (i.e., Paypal), but that is usually a small piece like 3% of the sale or less.So a $1000 transaction would cost you $30...

Prices start going up if you do things like:

  • Choose to host on a site that charges for webhosting. I use Squarespace at $20 a month, but it gives me everything I need -- including e-commerce.
  • Have to hire someone to build your site for you.
  • Have to hire someone to be the "webmaster" and keep the site maintained.

I think my DIY method is successful. Over the course of the year I spend $240 for "hosting" but as a business, that money is a business expense and tax write-off. Also, if I only sell one painting a year I am almost guaranteed to cover that cost with the one sale. Not a bad deal if you sell SEVERAL artworks a year.


I'm not any kind of web master, but I did manage to put my own site together using Go Daddy. If you can build it yourself, you'll save money, plus have the ability to make changes any time you want. I think it's around 250 a year also. This fee is a business expense, so it's deductible. It took a while for people to start finding me, but things are picking up. Once you have it set up, you can drive people there through various social network sites, like Facebook. I also post on Craigslist regularly and have links back to my site.

Good luck. Be bold. Sell sell sell!



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