Hi, newbie to the painting wOrld and I would like some advice.

I'm planning on using a large canvas to paint my next picture. I'd like to have the background blend from black to White over the entire canvas.

What type of brushes should I be looking at using?

A paintbrush from the DIY store seems bit much and a normal artists paintbrush may be too small.

All advice greatly received.

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Welcome to the world of art! :D I find these to be fantastic brushes http://www.amazon.com/Royal-Langnickel-Large-Artist-Brushes/dp/B000... for large areas. I hope this is helpful! :D   I would love to see some of your art also

Skylar, i bought the brushes you recommended.... I'm now waiting eagerly for Royal Mail to pop em through me letterbox. Then its slap and splash time and another shirt ruined, lol.

Ive added my first ever painting to my page. Its already hanging on the wall and will soon be joined by many more, hopefully each one better than the last as i improve and gain more knowledge.

Yay! Hehe! Well, Artist are supposed to be messy. If you are a clean artist your not doing it right ;D

Perhaps you could run a sideline in hand-painted shirts, Nick!

Now there's a thought Meg, money to be made out there.....

Well, SARK (Sarah Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) painted bed sheets and now seels them through design stores. Anything is possible!

It can be very bizarre what some people do with paintings, I'm felling an urge to complete a portrait paining then for some reason Im tempted to use wood veneers on parts of the image to try and make a 3D effect. So the nose,cheekbones and chin would be finished in wood and the rest would be an acrylic painting......

Have you seen the portraits by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Nick? His portraits are/were amazing. A librarian's portrait painted as a pile of books, portraits of people from vegetables, etc. Sounds like more inspiration toward your veneer portraits. There's a bit of a gallery under his wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giuseppe_Arcimboldo

I followed the link and had a look. I wonder what inspired him to paint like that in the 16th Century?

Surprised they did'nt dunk him in the village pond for being a witch....

I've made veneer images before and now obviously branched out into Acrylic painting. It was simply a thought i had as the picture i'm painting of my son already has a certain 3D thing about it. I'm curious to see if it would work with veneer stuck on the canvas.

Have you heard of anyone doing it before?

I haven't heard of veneer being stuck to canvas, and my concern would be the stability of the canvas if it is a stretched one. I would be more inclined to attampt it if I had a rigid ground, such as a board background. Still, if your veneer is fine enough, it may be flexibile enough to hold. I would be concerned about it popping off though, with the movement of the canvas.

Yes, you're right. Giuseppe A. seemed a bit ahead of his time.

Yeah, you could be right. The veneer stuff I did in the past ended up stuck to mdf board... Maybe I'll get a little more experience then try and paint on differing materials to see how it all works....

You might also check out Canadian artist Paterson Ewan who late in life switched from painting canvasses to painting on huge pieces of phywood that he gouged at various spots to create his images which he then painted. Very entrancing but quite weird. Mind you, ol' Paterson  was bi-polar and alcoholic!

If you're going to stick anything of substance to a painting, better use a board than a canvas! Just saying.

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