Hi everyone,

I am stuck ... I am busy painting a similar picture as this one but you will note that I have added a pot under the flowers in the left corner.  However no matter how I try, I can not get the shadow right that comes under the pot. Please could someone assist me.

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Yes shadows can be difficult Johnell. The first thing to determine in any painting is where is the light coming from. In that painting it is coming from behind the artist's left shoulder, so all shadows must be in the same direction. A shadow is a surface area that the light is not shining on, so it is a darker shade of the same color. A shadow does not have a hard edge so you may have to brush out the edges with a soft brush. A shadow is not a mirror image of the object and will depend on the hight of the light source and the plane of the surface the light is shining on. I hope that this helps you. Good luck. Alan.

Dear Alan,

Could I be cheeky and ask you to draw the pot shadows on the picture for me. As I see it , the pot shadow  will fall over the bottom of the chairs leg  and the flower shadows will remain as they are now on the back of the chair.

Also is the artist correct in showing shadows from the palm tree if the light is coming from so low.

Many thanks

The light isn't coming from low down, it's quite high about 45 degrees. I'm not sure what your intention is. Is it to extend the painting out to the left? I think that putting a pot there would unbalance the composition, but that is just my personal opinion. There is already quite a lot of shadow in that LH corner so you don't have to add much more. The painting is impressionistic, if it feels right it is right. Why don't you try painting a pot of flowers as a separate composition? Are there any other members who have an opinion on this?

Dear Alan,

Thank you for your kind word re my Arum pots. 

The picture I have posted is only half of it. The other half also have a chair and a pot. I haven't added the shadows in the LH corner that's in the picture. I only want to show the flower and pot's shadows.

Thank you again for your replies, much appreciated.

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