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So I have been intrigued by all the sugar skulls and Day of the Dead skulls I've been seeing. When my cousin (who was like my big brother when we were growing up) became very ill several weeks ago I had to make one of my own. The sicker he got, the more urgent it became to finish this. This weekend everything came to a head and we almost lost him. I focused on this as a means of coping with the situation. Now that things are calmer I can't figure out if this is finished or not. Do I need to more to the back ground or do I need to leave it alone?

Thank you, I've never done one of these before so I haven't been sure if there are certain rules to follow. I've seen some all colored, no color, partial color, partially doodled all over, and completely doodled all over, but not half and half if that makes sense.

From my POV its perfectly lovely and finished, tho I have found one of the most difficult decisions in creating abstract art is when it is finished. . . I am intrigued by the Day of the Dead/Sugar Skulls. So much beauty in what is normally considered a grim and ghoulish image.  Yours is beautiful!

Thanks everyone. This is a problem I've always had. I never know when I'm finished and I always feel like I've forgotten something or that it's too empty. The empty thing is what I'm feeling with this. It's like I've left too much open space and I need to fill it. I have ruined several things in the past by going back and trying to fill some void. I've learned that when using paper I can always use a smaller frame or mat to fill the open space. Not with canvas or board though. I think I really need to go take an art class somewhere.

Personally, I would leave the flowers in the corners as is. What I think would look neat is to continue with the scrolls and dots connecting them at several points to the skull until the piece looks balanced to you. Do them just as you have already. The contrast of the colors in the skull and the black scrolls enhance each. I especially love the the aura like background that also echoes the flower petals. Neat!

I'm with CK on this one. .. I like the contrast between colored and stark. . .It's a wonderful piece.  I particularly like his teeth - scary fun.  I hope your brother is doing better. 

As a great lover of skulls, I think this one is Great !! just the way it is. I love doing skulls because of the endless personalities that they display. Much like real people you never really know what's going to pop up.Very cool !!

Sharon don't you think it is interesting that a lot of skull art includes beautiful living elements too? Like flowers, vines etc.  I've always wondered if that was symbolic of life after death. The contrast draws my attention. 

sharon oppenheimer said:

As a great lover of skulls, I think this one is Great !! just the way it is. I love doing skulls because of the endless personalities that they display. Much like real people you never really know what's going to pop up.Very cool !!

Interesting idea CK. I never thought about it that way before but you never know.I think that's a nice way to think about it. When I start a skull or any piece I have an idea in my head to start but somewhere in the middle it takes on a life of it's own and the result can be quiet far from my original idea. I really enjoy that aspect of creating art.

Thank you all for the input! I think I'm going with adding more design to fill in the back ground but not as intricate. After that, I'll see if it wants me to add a bit of color to the flowers. It's talking to me again so I think I'm going to finish it this weekend. BTW thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. We almost lost him on several occasions but it looks like he is going to make it finally--3 months in the hospital, 1 of those in ICU, surgeries, procedures, etc. I just got word that he is finally back in his own room, off all machines and they are talking about starting rehab! YAY! He's a fighter =*)

So glad to hear that things are going well for your brother and family. Looking forward to seeing the finished skull.

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