Since there has not been anyone putting anything here for a year, I shall attempt. :)

This piece is named Night. Please say anything. First thought? I would not be offended. Something relating the image to your background is also appreciated. Fire away, I need something. Working alone for too long....I desperately need input and perspective. Thanks a million.

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It looks like they are dancing. Light and Dark, at twilight. I really enjoy the movement in your art. Very soothing and creative.

Thank you! The movement comes from the preliminary scribbles. I find it hard to get a coherent flow if I am working from part to part.

Marcia Campbell said:

It looks like they are dancing. Light and Dark, at twilight. I really enjoy the movement in your art. Very soothing and creative.

i like this , it reminds me of a spaniel lying on its back and scratching its self on the carpet. I know it probably wasn't your intention.  The beauty of art is everyone sees things differently and we associate the picture with our own personal mindset.

I consider myself a loser artist if I could not elicit a more emotional response, and am being too ambiguous in the visual communication.... haha  weep weep :) :) thank you for the comments

Hi Erik, at the first look I did not understand a bit as I am a portrait artist , mainly working from a photograph, so something created with imagination is not my cup of tea! :-D...but reading other comments reminded me that many a times  while taking shower and washing my long hair , to avoid let them go in the drain, I would just hold loose hair in my fist and stuck them on the shower wall. And later on when I see the pattern created with that, I wish I could create same on my canvas! :-D / so yes, your art work  is a very nice motif creation!

Hi Meera,

I guess what I wrote about 'consider myself a loser artist if I could not elicit a more emotional response' comes from an inner self reflection, an expectation of myself as an artist. No offense to anyone.

There was an artist back home who used real hair to make 1000 shoes and had those spread across the hall as installation art. I just remember she said no matter how specific the artist' s intention of a piece is, there will always be other angles of perspectives.

So don't worry about what your comments are....just fire away! ...Yeah, anything may spark new ideas too. 

That's a great idea with the hair BTW! You could take a picture of the wall every day ...combining the images into a video would be very interesting to watch. Or photoshop colours into the composition of hair is also the start of a new graphic work! It is the fun and awe behind the creation that matters.

Hello Erik, Thanks. Yes, it is a good idea what you have suggested. I will give it a try and see how and what I create other than just my PORTRAITS! :-D   Well, my inner passion is for portraits because it is challenging for me to bring likeness of the original subject onto my canvas. But I like to experiment different creative ideas too! Now that I am retired I should be able to find more time to follow my passion. Thanks.

Erik,  I am a newbie just trying to find my inner child who loved to see the patterns of the light in my surroundings.  I love this play of light and dark and the dull gold against the bright.  I don't know if that is trick of light but it stands out to me.  

Hi Naomi,

I believe that art, when it leaves an impression, light plays an important role. And I often find it amazing to view a work at different hours and the effect changes so does the feeling.

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