Are there many out there early 70's who are fearful of others being critical of being in the arts?

Hi everyone, I am Jan and 70yrs.old, Yeah!  I am an insecure doing my painting and drawing?  I love art and have since I was able to pick up a crayon and make marks on a piece of paper.  My Mother inspired me just by being my encouraging on the sidelines.

Please feel free to comment on my work.  I give so much away and now I am down to only a few pieces.  I have been a caretaker for the passed 6 years and there was no time to be creative and when I did have time I was exhausted. 

I am ready to get back in the "Paint Tubes"


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Awesome Jan! And here I am worried about not reaching goals at certain points in my life, I should shut my trap! haha! Encouraging to know that you're still outliving the passion. Really looking forward to seeing your artwork. All the best with it!

Thank you Carmelita (such a wonderful name) I wish I would call it worry but it is just my low self-confidence in my work.

My children and husband are my biggest fans and they are the ones that call me an Artist and I always add Child Artist.

lol!  What do you do with art?  I would like to see what you do and in what medium.  

You're so kind Jan. Thank you! :)  The more you work at it the better you get. I would like to see more of what you do. The artworks you have on here are good. Though I always think It's not a bad thing to be critical of one's own work. I am often cricital of my own. Can never be satisfied lol. The positive about that is, we can see where we fall short and then improve upon those areas.

I am currently working in acrylics, not my favourite thing but trying to escape my comfort of pencil and graphite. I cannot live "safe" for the fear of losing control over a medium, so breaking loose. Then, I also enjoy making all sorts of crafts, made jewellery for a while, but that consumed so much time. I studied Fine Arts and photography was one of my majors. Stained Glass was my final major, so have had a taste of various art mediums and I am grateful. Enough about me, when did you start making art? And what mediums do you work with?

The most important thing though is that you're enjoying making art and dont be concerned about sharing it with us! Make lots and share! And enjoy the process!

Hi Jan, Welcome! You do very nice work, be proud!  I post my work and I have very low self-confidence, so if I can do it you can too

Seriously, Jan, don't spend much time worrying about what other people think. As with most art, there will be some who love it, some who hate it, and some who are completely indifferent. I like your Hopi bowl painting especially. There is a market for a piece like that--probably to visitors looking for souvenirs. You just  have to find your niche. Why be so hard on yourself? You must be your own choir, my dear.

well if you love making art, just do it! who cares what others think. what i see in your gallery looks pretty darned good to me! 

I agree with Carmelita, self criticism is healthy if you are pushing yourself to create a certain type of art, but it is your own path you need to follow. just paint the next painting better than the last in YOUR opinion. that's all that counts.

I am looking forward to seeing the next Jan Heck original! ;o)

Thanks Michael I am not as easily criticized as easily as before six years ago when I was very shy with my art.  I am getting ready to prep my canvas and do another still life.  I love art and I have been practicing all day getting back in the groove.  The Art Colony has given me a lot of get up and get busy attitude. lol 

yes, if you're feeling bummed out and frustrated with your art, Art Colony is a good place to turn to. lots of inspiration here! :o)

Jan Heck said:

Thanks Michael I am not as easily criticized as easily as before six years ago when I was very shy with my art.  I am getting ready to prep my canvas and do another still life.  I love art and I have been practicing all day getting back in the groove.  The Art Colony has given me a lot of get up and get busy attitude. lol 

jan, you may have worries on another site or in some class, but on the art colony, I can't see anyone giving you anything other than positive feedback. 20, 70, 85 yrs. old; it shouldn't matter when you do what you love. just do it and enjoy yourself.  my observation is that if folks on the art colony, don't care for your work, you'll never hear from them.  on the other hand, the folks who admire what you do will " bouy you up". this is one of the most positive places for those who love art and love doing it whether you or they are formally trained  or not. no snobbery or hostile critiques here.

kudos for taking care of your folks in their time of need and welcome back to the world of creativity.  i'm just getting back myself, after taking off decades for ed. and to earn a living. I gave myself the right to create again for a birthday and after retirement. the only thing I regret is taking so long to return. and I must say that for the most part, all I've received is encouragement to continue here and outside. do what you love; you deserve to enjoy doing something that indulges you.

Thank you Dee. We leave to go to Floida soon and we have a small At center and Gallery where I have taken classes and I am going to go and just paint for fun and when they have their shows I will enter when I have a finished piece. I am getting ready to paint a still life so will be busy until we leave. I really am excited to paint since joining The Art Colony.

you're welcome, jan. , I know you'll enjoy florida. and I can totally relate to being excited about painting and tac. one of most fantastic things to enter my life in years. AND IT'S FREE. I can actually get by w a pencil and paper. toods

Jan, I started my art at age 58!! Almost 66 now..have felt a lot like you at times. It gives me such a good feeling when people love what I do....I design mandalas. But it is hard to get that old voice in your head out of your head. I did a show at my local library recently that was very good and encouraging. Get on Facebook and post some photos of your work...something I need to do myself..I forget to do it!!! Good luck and blessings on your art. Keep it up.....!!!!

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