Are there many out there early 70's who are fearful of others being critical of being in the arts?

Hi everyone, I am Jan and 70yrs.old, Yeah!  I am an insecure doing my painting and drawing?  I love art and have since I was able to pick up a crayon and make marks on a piece of paper.  My Mother inspired me just by being my encouraging on the sidelines.

Please feel free to comment on my work.  I give so much away and now I am down to only a few pieces.  I have been a caretaker for the passed 6 years and there was no time to be creative and when I did have time I was exhausted. 

I am ready to get back in the "Paint Tubes"


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we raised our children to be good to women and as adults they make their own choices no matter what you taught them. I had a very strong minded Dad and it took many years for him to say how sorry he was and asked me to do some drawings for him. He was very proud of them and hung them where everyone could see them.i have a wonderful husband of 51years and he made me be independent and always encouraged my endeavors in art. I am so happy to be a part of this group.
Judy Schaffer Firneno said:

I too am now 70! OMG!  When did that happen!  Anyway, I have painted and drawn and created all my life, but have been very insecure about it and did it for my own enjoyment.  My relatives have all my Art.   They like it!    But to get back to your statement of women in their 70's being insecure about their talents.   That's' simple.  That's the way we were raised.  A sign of the times .....  However, todays girls don't stand for that.  They feel free to get as good as they want to be in all areas of their lives.   I encourage them and use them as an example here in my later years.  I just found this site today and am really going to use it to it's full potential.   Can't wait to get started!


I think their a lot of us out there.   It's the old "pendulum" thing.    Lord only know which direction our Grandkids will take us!!  In my case, I have faith in them.   They are all good kids and they range from 26 to 12.    Wish I had some of that Fountain of Youth to be around to see what happens!!

It would be good to see how they grow up...need the Fountain of Youth!!!
I have seen three od our seven married and two great granddaughters I am so blessed

After a long hiatus, I went back to my art and now in my 50s, I have a few paintings in my very first public art exhibit! The great thing about art is that you are never too old to start and there's no mandatory retirement age! So much to explore! Enjoy this new chapter in your life! Take classes, watch YouTube art demos, read up on mediums and techniques and above all, have fun! The best advice, besides have fun, is to make it a DAILY practice! Even if it's a few doodles, do some creating every day and you will see the improvements over time.

Thank you Diane I am back to perfecting my drawing so that my painting will improve. I know the better and more correct you draw the better the painting will be. I am doing the 5Pencil Method and already I see much improvement in my drawing and seeing more depth and perspective. Have you seen this method ? Thank you so much for your comment.

Jan, I have not done the 5Pencil Method but have heard good things about it.

You have been a caretaker and you give your art away. Remind yourself that it's Ok to do something for yourself! By giving to yourself, you are a happier, more relaxed person and others benefit from that! So keep up with your art and close the door on the negative thoughts.

One other thing I didn't mention about the fearful and critical aspect of art... I was brought up to feel guilty about allowing myself creative time. Because of this, I had a hard time giving myself permission to do my art because I felt I needed to get all the chores done first. When I did have art time, I felt guilty. There's also the fear of failing aspect. Every time I face a blank page or canvas I fear it won't measure up. You just have to ignore those fears or tell them to shut up and then just DO IT. If you're not satisfied, paint over it or try another one. Keep trying and you WILL get better and get past the fears.

Also, joining a local art organization might help you, being around like-minded creative people.

I stay in North Pot in the winter and spring months. I am not a snow bird I am a SUNbird. Lol maybe we can connect this winter. I go to the art center in North Port and will be there again in the Fall. Anxious to see the new look and director ther it needed help and Sarasota stepped in so happy to know that. Thank you for your comments.

How funny! That's really close to me. I just joined the Visual Art Center in Punta Gorda. I have 3 paintings in a current exhibit there. My first time exhibiting!

Jan Heck said:

I stay in North Pot in the winter and spring months. I am not a snow bird I am a SUNbird. Lol maybe we can connect this winter. I go to the art center in North Port and will be there again in the Fall. Anxious to see the new look and director ther it needed help and Sarasota stepped in so happy to know that. Thank you for your comments.

I can not see the paintings......How do I do it?

Maddie France.

Ms. Jan,

I want to tell you, that you are not alone in your level of self criticism.  I am just as bad.  But I've noticed that the paintings I do from my heart get the most compliments.  My best paintings are when I leave aside my ego, and just paint from Spirit.  Your hands will know what to do.  I think your work is wonderful, and I hope you'll grow stronger in your self confidence.  :-)

Jan, I am 72  and love painting, drawing,  do not worry about being over critical about your work , we all do that

my family/friends call me artist too and I say thank you,   don't forget beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

some will love your work some won't but thats the way it is.  just do your best, enjoy the process as long as it gives u pleasure.  i too give most of my work away, family & friends love handmade gifts ,I find .  try different mediums til u find the one u like best  

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