Are there many out there early 70's who are fearful of others being critical of being in the arts?

Hi everyone, I am Jan and 70yrs.old, Yeah!  I am an insecure doing my painting and drawing?  I love art and have since I was able to pick up a crayon and make marks on a piece of paper.  My Mother inspired me just by being my encouraging on the sidelines.

Please feel free to comment on my work.  I give so much away and now I am down to only a few pieces.  I have been a caretaker for the passed 6 years and there was no time to be creative and when I did have time I was exhausted. 

I am ready to get back in the "Paint Tubes"


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I am 71 now have been painting, drawing , etc for ages, put it aside when had  4 children no time, but once I got back to it, have never stopped,  used oil, then acrylics, now working with Watercolor pencils and colored  pencils, easy to carry around, whatever using at moment is favorite, i give away a lot have sold some, not everyone likes my work  but if I'm happy with end results , then thats all good, I just enjoy it , relaxes me,  so that's it , if u enjoy what u r doing, don't worry about other peoples opinion    

Judy Schaffer Firneno said:

What a joyful, freeing experience that is.  We can not be what we are not.  We will never be happy if we we try.  Relax and go with it.   Many hugs, Judy

I was about 62 when it was no longer possible to find work, so I retired. A friend encouraged me to paint. Along I went to a nice little art class for a bit of relaxation rather than going to the pub, but found a teacher who took me seriously. From then on determination and persistence took a hold of me.

Of recent years I've suffered from some illness, but am not prepared to let being old get to me. I need to get some of that motivation back again. I also need to get that brush stroke back as well. I'm not sure how to get creative again, since it was always a gift inside me. I just knew what colours to put on the brush. Is there a space to be filled with creativity, yes I think so.

I think the arts have a double-edged sword: the process and the product.  The world is primarily focused on the product -- the painting, the sculpture, the symphony production, the ballet production, etc.  The "product" deterred me from being active in producing art because, A.  I didn't know what "good" art was, and B.  I couldn't produce "good" art.  However, in recent years I realized that the creative process is the most important part of art.   I enjoy very much looking at works of art, listening to music, going to the theater, watching a ballet, etc.  However, I am spending time now producing my own art and focusing on how much enjoyment I gain from "being in the flow."  Producing art can be relaxing, challenging, vibrant, and liberating.

I didn't know where to begin in the world of painting and drawing, and I was afraid to begin, knowing I couldn't produce "good" art.  To get myself going, I attended some "paint and sip" classes, and I was so encouraged!  These two-hour classes are amazing and provide a great boost to ones confidence.  An artist steps a group of 25 to 40 people thorough a painting while class members enjoy a glass or two of wine to help them relax and enjoy the process.  For $35 (in many locations), you get the use of an apron, a table-top easel, and a few paint brushes.  They usually provide the three primary colors, white and black acrylic paint on a paper plate, and they provide the canvas.  The supplies are not usually top quality, but they don't need to be.  The focus is on the process, and the glowing by-product is your own painting that you can take home. 

I am now teaching myself from books, on-line courses, YouTube videos, and I am trying to attend some evening classes when I am in one location long enough.  I still seek out paint and sip classes because they are so much fun and they make me do art.  My profile picture shows me with my first paint and sip artwork.  My daughter and I attended an evening class in Washington, DC a few years back, and I was hooked. 


Jan, I am 72  and love painting, drawing,  do not worry about being over critical about your work , we all do that

my family/friends call me artist too and I say thank you,   don't forget beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

some will love your work some won't but thats the way it is.  just do your best, enjoy the process as long as it gives u pleasure.  i too give most of my work away, family & friends love handmade gifts ,I find .  try different mediums til u find the one u like best  

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