Bumping this up a bit- I get a lot of inspiration from other's pages, so here are two of mine, so please post yours!

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 Maggie-  I do understand that position better than you might guess.  I don't want to share that here- but know that I will put aside any differing opinions and keep you in my thoughts. The door WILL open! 

I don't have any but there are many on the group.  I lost my first grand child, Michael 3 weeks after he was in an auto accident.  I plan on making one for my daughter.  The memory box group only does them for newborns or up to a year I think.  I haven't been able to do them for a while. Like I said, long story.  If you join the group a lot of people have pictures up. You can go take a look at them.  We have a lady in her upper 80's that paints lace like you wouldn't believe.  She lives in KY, about an hour from me.  She does beautiful work.  She is in Tommahawk (?) KY.  I think she has boxes on there.  You really hardly ever hear from the group.  Just about boxes needed, a note sometimes from people who get the boxes, or maybe a nurse from the hospital thanking people for the boxes.  These boxes are locked up and only one person in the hospital can give them out.  In the beginning the people who worked in the hospital were taking them.  Some are painted by actual artists who have books out and some that travel teach.  The  person who gets the box gets to pick out the one they want.  I thought of twins and would like to make a few of those if I ever can get back to it.  I forgot who mentioned my site.  It isn't my site.  I am just a member of the group.

My daughter adopted a little girl at birth 4 years ago. Her birthday was in March  I can't imagine having to give one back.  Her and my daughter are joined at the hip.  I told my daughter that she needed some time away from her as she is too close with my daughter.  She will not even ride to the store with my SIL unless my daughter is along.  She has went twice lately.  My daughter is enrolling her in a type of head start this year when school starts. She is so excited and wanted to start right away. She came home and started getting her stuff together.  She was very upset when she found out she wasn't going right now.  I told my daughter, wait until she finds out you are not staying with her.

 She is so much a part of the family, so I can't imagine how you must feel.  I think it is mean to take a baby away that has bonded with a family.  No telling what it does to them.  I know when I lived in IL a judge gave a little boy 8 years old back to the parents who had gotten back together.  I can still picture him screaming for his adoptive parents and that was years ago.  I wonder sometimes to this day how he turned out.  That shouldn't happen.

Thank you.  I though when I was typing that message to the group that it didn't sound right.  I even plan on putting thoughts in my journal when I get started.  Can only step on my own toes doing that.  lol

Amanda said:

 Maggie-  I do understand that position better than you might guess.  I don't want to share that here- but know that I will put aside any differing opinions and keep you in my thoughts. The door WILL open! 

OH, it is easy to do, especially in text when people can't see your expressions. Can you link me to that group? I think my Mom would like to know about this kind of thing too.  And you are in Ashland?? my husband and I met in Grayson!! tiny little world- oh and someone - you or Christine mentioned Riley hospital in Indy- my husband was born there, and then adopted at age 8 ( you are right- it affects them forever) and his birth name is Riley. As I said, tiny world!

Suzanne and Amanda, I do believe the pages are different but both are true to your heart.  I have always thought that art journaling has no rules and that is the fun part of it and we always encourage each other.  You two have done this in my book, created from your hearts. Please do not let anyone discourage you in any way, you are both doing awesome.  I am new to the Art Colony and just saw a post here that I thought hey wait a minute.   ART does HEAL I do beleive it 100 %.   Hugs to you both.  xo
Susanne Skene said:

Sure thing Amanda ... here are my two journal pages.  Maybe we can get things started and get some themes/prompts going!

Here is my duo art journal page,  thanks Amanda for being encouraging all. 
Annette Graves said:

LOVE it , Annette! beautiful contrast between the dogs and the hand drawn art!

Am I missing something?  I don' t dogs.

My favorite is the one on the Lord.  I need this passage somewhere in mine.

Annette posted a spread with dogs in it. :D

Margaret Hamm (Maggie) said:

Am I missing something?  I don' t dogs.

Thanks yall, they are wolves but just a wild dog of sorts, no problemo.   xo

couldn't tell if they were wolves or Alaskan huskies- beautiful in any way. :) I am a "dog" person with a maine coon cat - go figure. Inherited from my aging mother. :)



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