Bumping this up a bit- I get a lot of inspiration from other's pages, so here are two of mine, so please post yours!

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Thank you Susanne for your nice and warm welcom.
I loved making these little houses and it was the first time i used fabric. I didn't know how to use it so i just used some doublesided tape and glue. Afterwards i saw that you sew the fabric on the paper, i still have to learn a lot.

 My new home doesn't have anything from my dreamhouse, but my partner turned it in to the home i've always dream of . The 'rose'  is a christal, i have several of them and love how the light is going through all the facettes, i just love the play of light and all the colours. I love to meditate with one of my christals and especially when the sun let her light shine on it.

I love roses to, and every now and then i buy some, but because my partner is allergic to scent i can't buy them to often, or use perfume, make-up and scented candles. But yes, i do have a loving partner now and i warm and loving home.

Here are some new pages of my journal, i just love how it lookes and love it to create new pages...i only wished i had some more fantasy and skills. I have seen great journals, but when i try to do some faces, or collages it looks terrible. But these pages look oké.

I had to change my front cover, it just wasn't 'me'. The double pages i really like, especially the red one with the girl in her rosedress, and the page with the ballerina. It has to do with me in hospital because of been 12 years suffering from depressions at that moment, i did feel like a dancer without legs.
The cutest page is the one with all the etegami drawings, i just had to practise them and all together they just look great.

Dear Susanne,

The candles is about how i love the light of it, and the scent and how i mis that. The burning candles gave me a safe feeling, my wishes and dreams send out  to the Universe, i always gave a message to the candles when lighten them.

The lady in red is about beauty and luxery, and my want of it, but i have a lot of inner beauty and met the most beautiful person. He gave me back my live, and even without beauty and luxery, we are rich, have a lot of inner beauty and the luxery of doing what we love  doing the most, taking long walks, listen to music and art.

Sending you my love and prayers, and the hope you find some comfort in journaling

Absolutly beautiful Rita !!!


Guardian Angel


Thank you- it was one of those happy accident pages, lol! Sometimes they really come together and other times it looks like a science experiment gone wrong. But with A.J. you don't have to worry about it!  I do like it though when I feel like a page is special to me as well as others. :)

Kathy Tagudin said:

Amanda, LOVE your meditate page. BEAUTIFUL!

Very, very nice!!!!

I mostly do collage and very tiny writing in them...haven't done any drawing in them yet, but have plans for them in the future. Mine aren't always true inchie books..They are just tiny books, but different dimensions all of the time.

I would love to do a poetry one myself...I love to write in free verse and maybe accent with some collage. You know-I don't know of may other people doing these "Teeny-tiny books" as I call them...lol Have you seen many around??

I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT SUSAN. It just looks AWESOME, i have to try this myself. I still havent make some new inchies, little time to many projects, but will surtainly do this weekend. My DollsHouse lady needs a new one also and i think i try to make here a real tiny journal after seeing your faces on those tiny pages and Laura even writing and collaging in them.

I am so happy that you liked the tiny journal Susan, and that you even use it it something that really thrills me, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much for showing this. Did i tell you already that i love it?

Laura, your tiny yournals look AWESOME, and that you even write and collage in them is something amazing and such a great inspiration, i have to try this.Thank you for sharing your lovely and adorable tiny journals, i absolutely like all of them, and Susan thank you again for showing me what is possible on such a small space, i am just in awe!!

Beautiful Susanne!!!

Kathy Tagudin said:

Susanne, These are AWESOME! So love the girl. Great job!

Susanne Skene said:

Sure thing Amanda ... here are my two journal pages.  Maybe we can get things started and get some themes/prompts going!

I love the first 2 pages posted. I do a lot of faith journaling in my art journals and love seeing other pages used in the same way. good  verse choice as well. thanks for sharing. I need to scan some of my pages so that I can share with this group. I haven't really shared my art pages before.



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