Art Journals & Altered Books Learning Library - Free Online Resources (Websites, Videos, etc)

This thread is dedicated to listing free online resources for learning how to create art journals and altered books! 

This can include websites and videos, as long as they are free.

If you find any online resources about creating art journals or altered books that you would like to share, please post them below.

Thanks & Enjoy!

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Lots of info about creating art journals:

Ideas and inspiration for created art journals:

Tips and techniques for creating altered books:

An art journal page from start to finish:

Building Your Visual Journal from the Page Up: Part of the Strathmore Visual Journal Workshop Series

Visual Journal Online Workshop Series

On Youtube, search for Strathmore Visual Journal Workshop. There are several step-by-step videos!

Journal Fodder Junkies is a great blog all about art journaling.
Specifically, their prompts by way of their Journal Fodder Junkies Challenge are awesome.
Also, they wrote a couple of books. Granted they are not free, but I personally think they're worth the money. The Journal Junkies Workshop and Journal Fodder 365

I freeze up if I focus on making a finished product, so I need videos that are all about just jumping in and MAKING something, rather than trying to make a perfect page.  These are some of my favorite videos that give me the courage to just go sit down at my art table and start gluing and painting:  Les Herger says the difference between scrapbooking and art journaling is that scrapbooking is about product, and art journaling is about process, and I agree with all my heart.  JCMamet is a new artist I've found, and I love that she calls it, "adventure journaling", for the same reason.  It's about the adventure, not the outcome.  Donna Downey films her creative process for her Inspiration Wednesdays videos, and it's so inspiring to see all the wacky (and yes, ugly) stages a page can go through while it's getting to what it's going to be.  This is just a wonderful vid by SpookyPaperDoll on 10 types of art journals.  I find it very inspiring and it makes me want to make one of each, at least!  This is a fantastic video on how to get past the fear and creative block, by Crafty Moira.  I'm a member of her Year Long Weekly Art Date.  I love her casual style and fearlessness.  This is a great intro video on Tangie Baxter's Junk Journals made out of altered composition notebooks.  They are so cute and actually don't look complicated or overdone, in my opinion.  The links to the two parts that tell how she puts them together are here:

Oh boy.  Posting these has made me want to make one again.  LOL!  I hope someone finds these inspiring!

Here's a site with lots of tips, techniques and ideas about art journaling:

click here

for awesome art journaling step by step in time lapse video...lots of technique!! awesome pieces/pages!!

Okay everyone, I am ready to pull my hair out.  I was on YouTube (where I should know better than to go) looking at art journals and found this woman I love, but I lost her.  I have spent hours looking to find the pages again.  I am hoping someone will know who she is. I should have known to write it down as soon as I found it.  She was using Strathmore journals.  She was showing how to tear or cut pages and using chalk to run along the edge to show up on two pages. She made a pocket.  She used stencils many ways, to trace, fill in with color, stickers, foam stamps all for letters. She showed how to do the front cover with different textures and painting. She used combing, stencils with filler, something with sand, just different textures and then painted different colors. She used a lot of different mediums.  She also used different journals.  My mind is going here being at this so long.  Most of the work she showed was soft looking.  She makes travel journals.  She used plastic pockets, She cuts her own stencils sometimes.  She did a page with a stencil colored in and one beside it coloring the outside, doing reverse stenciling with a poppy.  She added pages to the sides of the pages in the journals in order to open them up to follow a theme. She says in the beginning that she will pretend that you are in here studio with her, so lets go, or something to that effect.  She has a beautiful studio. Does anyone have any idea who this is?  I will be so grateful if you do.  I have to get off as I am getting a killer headache and back ache from sitting so long.  I don't think I have ever spent this long in my chair so I hurt all over.  I was just so determined to find her.  I think I was up to lesson five and it looks like she has more.  Thanks, Maggie

Awww I'm sorry to hear that Ms Margaret but i hope you find her page again.. anyway.. maybe this channel can help you out... find RachO113 maybe you'll like her too... have fun

I will check it out.  I found everyone I looked at but hers.  She was showing how to get started by prepping pages.  I liked her ideas a lot. I don't like the way YouTube jumps all around. I even checked in history and couldn't find it, so I gave up.  Maybe I will find her by accident again sometime.  I need to stay out of there as I get lost for hours when I start looking.  I am so behind on my emails as I have been busy and had computer problems lately that took 3 days to get straightened out.  Thanks for the information............Maggie.

@ Maggie, I realize you posted your question a few months back, did you try checking your viewing history?? I discovered last night as a matter of fact that I even had that option with YouTube. It showed all the videos I had watched over the course of the last year. I know that this isn't the videos you were looking for but, I have to add  one of my "GO TO" favorite sites for Art Journaling ideas, inspiration, etc is She has tons of wonderful tutorials on technique, supplies, and loads of inspiration. Jennibellie is a huge proponent of Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse. My favorite current mixed media journal is one I made from a Bisquick box, a tutorial I got from Jennibellie. She also has a YouTube channel. See if you can check your viewing history. I hope by now though you have found what you were looking for.  (((HUGS))) Kimmie

I found her, by accident.  Was just looking, again.  Found her so fast after hours before of looking.  I was checking down the sides.  I had done that before too. I so wish I could find my stuff.  I will have to look harder, even if I just get started before I find a place to move.  Her name is Linda Blinn.  I just love her work and ideas. She uses all kinds of mixed media.  You would just have to go to her four lessons on YouTube.  Thanks for sending your ideas.  I am so happy to have found this lady......Maggie

I love Imperfect Impulses with Aaron on YouTube! He reminds me that journals don't have to be perfect, just create!



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