Ok, ive been reading like crazy and to me it sounds like oil pastels are for me. But i also like the idea of Pastel Pencils. As a beginner what would you all start off with? I know they all have their pros and cons but if you had to choose one (if i had the money id buy them all and try them, lol) Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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Hi Christina, personally I'd go for the pastel pencils I tried them last year & love them !! Here's a great link for tips etc. for you .....................


 I've had a "play" with oil pastels as well but haven't really done much with them -- maybe one day !! LOL 

have a great day, Lyn x

Just an update. I used a 50% coupon from Michaels and purchased the pastel pencils (just to get a feel for it) and then to Hobby Lobby using that 50% coupon i got the pastel paper. thanks to Lyn and everyone else for their suggestions. Contrary to what my stubborn art teacher told me i WILL dabble in mediums other than oil to see what i like. LYN....great link you gave me, sat and drank coffee and watched them this morning and then i said ...." self, lets do it" lol

So glad you liked the link I gave you it was Colin Bradley that got me started with pencils he makes it look so easy doesn't he ?  Give us a shout if you need any help & I will if possible that is !! LOL Tthank-you for the friend request I'll look forward to seeing your pastel pencil pictures. Just "play" with them & you're soon learn what is possible with them, have a great day,  love, Lyn x


I'm in the same boat as Christina, wondering where to start with pastels. While acquiring my Fine Arts Disploma this past year, I did a couple assignments using pastel sticks. Too messy for me...had it everywhere, including on my face. Not good. So I'm really leaning toward pastel pencils. But now, I don't know which brand to go with. Any suggestions?

ok so i purchased the pencils (Generals) and some pastel paper (Canson) and some blending tortillons. I will probably start with something really small tonight (way to much to do today). I went to Hobby Lobby/Michaels (had 50% off coupons) and that was the only pastel pencils they had.

Christie..yea, i fretted over this discussion for awhile and i decided on the pencils. Im sure they are not the best (orginal cost $19.99 for 12 pencils) but I am dabbling in all mediums and dont want to put alot of money into something till i know i like it (or am half way decent at it)

Christina...Thanks for the quick reply!

I've been seeing different brands of pastel pencils on eBay at varying prices. There are a couple larger sets in tins for $20 or less. Like you, I don't know which is a better brand and I don't want to stick too much money into something that is poor quality. I guess it's trial and error, so I'll start with what I can afford and go from there.

I'm also like you in that I dabble in everything. You wouldn't believe how many projects I have started, then see something else (another medium or idea) and go off on that one...LOL. Oh well, that's what makes it fun.

well, ive only been painting since September 2011 so i feel i should "touch" everything then go from there. I do like oils. This art teacher i have said " dont dabble, stay concentrated on oils" well now, she doesnt know me very well, lol. that just made me want to try more stuff.

I know ebay is the bomb but once i  had the bug up my butt on the pastels i needed to go now, right now. If i hadnt id just keep pondering it and never do it. When i first made a greeting card everyone was "just do it" took me a month after i bought supplies to make a card (i also do alot of crafts) but once i made one i was off and running. Kind of like my Zentangles, i am SSOOO hooked on those. I literally make one a night. I do not like abstract (or at least i didnt think i did) but Zentangles are pretty abstract so who knows. I dont like "busy" so it surprises me on the tangles. Ive picked out two pictures (5"x7") to try my pastels on. One is a sunflower and the other is of a hummingbird. I love sunflowers but thought the hummingbird my challenge me a little on the blending and maybe start there. Not sure. I'll see later. I do craft fairs and i completely sold out of my handpainted birdhouses so ive been working on those. I have another show May 5th and this one is twice the size of the last one.

Good luck. let me know what you decide.

I use both Derwent &  Castell pastel pencils, I also have a few Cretacolor &  a few Daler-Rowney all are nice pencils.I've bought most of mine on Ebay you can pick up bargains if you keep looking !! Maybe it would be best if you just bought a few colours separately to try first  to see if you like them ?  

Thank you, Lyn, for the suggestions. I found both on eBay. I've attached one of my pastel (stick) assignments. Let me know what you think.


Glad to help Christie -- I think your picture is really good well done you !!

have a great weekend, Lyn x

Christie Hughes said:

Thank you, Lyn, for the suggestions. I found both on eBay. I've attached one of my pastel (stick) assignments. Let me know what you think.

I´ve used Derwent pastel pencils and they are very nice, but sometime I have a problem to sharp them without wasting with lead. But they are in a high quality :o)) and they have set with 76 colors.

Yes sometimes that can be a problem Iveta I've thought it must be that the pencil had been dropped at sometime as when it's happened it's been odd pencils that I've bought. I always use a blade to sharpen my pencils do you ?

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