Can experienced ATC makers please suggest good glues to use to make ATC's with?  I am new to creating ATC's and love doing them but I am finding the glue I have been using, although sticks really well, is leaving a residue - UHU all purpose adhesive twist & glue.

I live in Australia so even if you can recommend the type and not the brand as I may not be able to get it here (the brand).



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I use a wet glue rather than a twist stick. The key is to apply it from a small blob on a separate palette, and use a plastic spreader like say the end of a plastic knife or a coffee stirrer. It dries clear so you don't see it at all. I hope this helps :)

If you dont want paper to crinkle from wet glue, you can use double stick tape to tack things down and when youre finished putting everything where you want it, cover in modge podge!

also. it depends on what you are adhering, some things work well with one type of adhesive, but not another. what kind of medium are you working in and are you concerned with archival quality?

Thanks Claire and Susie

Liquitex matte medium is good for sticking paper to paper and it ends up with a matte surface (obviously) which means that you can write or draw over it with pens and pencils...or more paint.

Thanks Amanda

I use  ¨ Quickie glue"  pinpoint roller glue made by Sakura. It is brilliant for glueing small pieces. For paper to paper I use twist stick glues.

Thanks Sharon 

I know this is an old thread, but thought I'd add that after you have glued something down, use a brayer and roll over your ATC.  This gets rid of bubbles as well as REALLY makes paper stick well.

thanks Mommyrox

I am not clear on why you need to glue anything to make an ATC.  What am I missing?


Hi Linda,  In creating an ATC I am adding papers, images and bits and pieces to the backing card and I need to stick them on with something so they will not fall off.  I use mixed media to make them.  Sometimes I will draw an image and colour it in using markers or pencils or acrylic paint and when I do this I do not need to use any glue. I hope this helps you understand why I need to use glue when creating my artist trading cards. Marion

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