I love working with acrylic but they always dry really fast and I have to mix a gradient of colour before I\ start painting, so I was thinking of trying out Oil paints!I am new to oil paints and would love for someone to recommend any brand of paints that are good and at a reasonable price- however I want to invest in them as I know I will be using them for many years!

Also can someone recommend a good medium for oil paints?



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If you wanted to stick with acrylics, buy some acrylic retardent. Mixed with your paint, it slows down the quick drying.

There r lots of oil painting medium available in the market,you can try refined linseed oil to start or u can too use turpentine...it dries little quicker than linseed oil.If u really want to delay the drying of ur acrylics go for what Ev has suggested.

I too am having an Acrylic mid life crisis.. and thinking of trying oils.  :)   I bought a small oil set this weekend and some oderless Mineral Spirits.  Also some Daler-Rowney Low Odour Thinner.I saw on  a video that the best mixture should be 75% turpentine and 25% Linseed Oil.  and those mixtures could be changed to make dry faster or slower.  The writing is so small on the Low Odor Thinner I can't even tell what it is. 


Thanks for the replies,  I have not been on here for ages.... I bought a kit which had a palette and lineseed oil already in it...I will post the painting that I did for my final gcse piece if I ever get it back...

I never used medium for painting. I use simple acrylic colors and put the cloth or card in sunlight so that it can dry. Later I wash cloth with salt water to make it long lasting. Oil painting is good choice to make greeting cards.

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I have tried several brands of water soluble oils and the one I like best is Art Advantage. They can be mixed with acrylic too. I love them. No turpentine. Soap and water clean up. I can use the knife if I want as well. 

Hi Lakes

I'll pick up on your investment comment. As a beginner, I know that using top of the range paints inspires me. The thick buttery texture and pigment loads are a beautiful sight, might sound silly but I've compared a few brands and find it to be true. So go ahead and buy a good brand if you want. Old Holland, Vasari, Blue Ridge, Williamsburg to name a few of the best.

As far as medium goes, any medium you choose should do what you want it to do. They will all thin the paint, increase or decrease drying time etc, so the one you settle on ties in with your style and preference. Stand oil, linseed oil, maroger etc will be fine. It's one thing for people to recommend but you really need to try them to see what you like.

Also, there is no need to buy turps, odourless solvent etc. You can clean brushes with Palmolive dish washing liquid and household soap. They love it and so does your skin.

Good luck and have fun.

In my opinion, after having used several brands of oil paint during my career in oil painting, I would suggest the following brands of Artist Grade Oil Paint:  M. Graham....Grumbacher......  Treehouse Colors from The Art Treehouse supplier are good, but they are rather limited in their choice of colors.

A good, serviceable, simple medium that I always recommend for beginners to the Oil medium is equal portions of Linseed Oil and Odorless Mineral Spirits.

I use, and recommend a bit more "exotic" medium that I use for layering, and glazing, one you become more familiar with Oil Painting.  When you feel up to it, I will gladly offer my recipe for that medium.

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