What's your favorite paste or glue for collage work?

I quite like Golden Soft Gel Gloss (which I also wrote about here: http://community.art-is-fun.com/forum/topics/soft-gel-gloss) but as I point out in that thread, I'm not sure if Soft Gel Gloss is able to adhere 3-D objects like rhinestones, buttons, etc to a surface.

I used to use Yes! Paste but have recently heard that it is not archival as it is advertised to be - many artists have complained that it turns brown after just a few years. I haven't decided yet if I will throw away my jar or keep it for craft purposes.

Any suggestions on a good, strong glue for collage or mixed media art that is preferably archival?

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I think that glue dots are a good option.
Cool! I don't think I've heard of glue dots.  Are they permanent? Can you cut them to the size you need?

I've used glue dots...they are available in both permanent and removable. This is the art supply of choice for many scapbooking fans. www.gluedots.com/glue is a good website to give you an overview of the product and how they work.

I use many different kinds of glue in my collage work. It really depends on what I am gluing down!

I use Mod Podge most often, it is an all-in-one gluing and sealing product. You use it to glue down your items and then also use it for a sealer simply by spreading it over the entire finished project. It also comes ina variety of finishes...like Sparkle!

For thin paper, I use Zip Dry. It's fast drying, dries clear and never wrinkes paper.

For heavier items I use Aleene's Origianl Tacky glue. It is a staple in many craft cupboards. Sometimes I use Gorilla Glue for gluing heavier metal and plastic pieces together. It holds things that are not porous. You have to be careful with it though because it tends to "creep" when it dries.

In a pinch, I use glue sticks for my paper collage work. Especially if I am planning to laminate the finished piece. My favorite is Elmers Craft Bond Extra Strength glue stick. It goes on blue and dries clear so it is easy to see where you have applied glue.

Thanks so much for that detailed info, Suzanne!  :)  This really helps.  The glue dots website had so many ideas for how they can be used.  I will have to try them someday.

I didn't realize that Mod Podge was a sealer as well!  That sounds a lot like the Soft Gel Gloss, but the variety of finishes is a nice bonus.

Thanks for all your other ideas as well.  I'll keep this thread in mind the next time I need glue ideas.

I love matte medium.  It is my adhesive of choice.  I like gel medium for heavier weight papers.  I like UHU glue sticks for some paper stuff, too.  I like how UHU glue sticks come in various sizes, not just your average little tubes.
Really?  I never have.  Why do you think it is important to do so, in case I want to try it?
Interesting, and thank you for the reply.  I'm going to watch for that.  What do you varnish with?  Or is that a whole other topic that I should put in another thread?

But..........will glue dots stick to acrylic-painted rocks? I need to attach a metal earring to a rock and until I read this thread, was agonizing about how to do it. See? Art Colony knows everything!  I have a whole roll of glue dots. I wonder how metallic paint will adhere to the glue dot, too, though. I think the glue dot might still be visible after I attach the earring. Maybe I should cut the large glue dot (easier said than done and that might reduce its holding capacity). I'll have to try and see if it works. Tonight!

What a great idea! When I try to attach something heavier I tend to use gorilla glue or jewelry glue like E6000. This is nice becuase it dries clear. Gorilla Glue is yellow-brown in color, even when it's dry. Blick and Jerry's carry E6000.

OK, from my maintenance day job. . . I use 2 part epoxy when gluing heavier objects together.  I prefer the product by Devcon, which has two small tubes that you mix together, so you only mix what you need.  A little dab of both mixed together will do it.  It's paintable and dries in 5 min.  It works very well on wood, metal, glass. . as well as to canvas.  To be honest, though, I've never had to paint over it, as it's typically hidden between the objects, or clear when it dries. 

You are spot on with 2-part epoxy Sherril. If you are gluing really heavy things together this is a great glue to use! I have only used it for home repair jobs. I have not ever needed something this heavy duty for collage work! ; >

Are white glues archival....... Elmer's....Tacky Glue?

I was using elmers or similar white glue  for cards.... for nothing archival...... but layer upon layer equal stiff cards.  I went to a glue stick... seemed better.

any opinion great.......

thank you


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