Any ideas or comments on adhesives for collages. If I use a past or glue then put a medium, Mod Podge over it the paper puckers and some cases that is fine, but some I want to stay smooth. i use a lot of magazine clippings and they seem to be the worst.

I have tried glue sticks and YES glue, also just decoupage medium......still looking for the right products and/or methods.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Terry,

When you get a chance, check out our Collage Art Group, because there are some helpful tips in that group specifically related to collage-making:

If you ask your question there, some of our experienced collage artists may share their suggestions about the best adhesives.  I'm too much of a beginner with collages to really know, especially with regards to the wrinkling problem.

I had asked a similar question awhile back in the Mixed Media forum:

Hope that helps!

How will Mod Podge do with a lace tablecloth over a piece of canvas?  My goal is to expand a paper piece I've been working on. As a beginner I don't want to just 'try it'. 


Jane, in my experience - mod podge would work fine on your lace tablecloth onto canvas, or you could also use a gel medium - like golden, which also makes a great adhesive for mixed media, but it is especially good for dimension, if you want your piece to be raised up a little. But I haven't tried it with lace so if your unsure you could always ask the artists in the collage/mixed media group. The only thing is - if you intend to dye the lace first with dylusions or lindy's stamp gang etc you might need to be careful as it would probably run when you adhere it with the mod podge, just a thought. All the best with your project


golden causes cancer (but only in california, lol).

an art teacher at elementary school suggested Gesso. Michele, LOL

YES paste from Dick Blick.  I've use it for years with rice paper collages or whatever.  I use a palette knife to smear it on the edges, glue on top of the knife so that it spread across the bottom of the piece I'm attaching to a lower piece. Invisible and doesn't yellow or pucker.  As for lace, or canvas on canvas or fabrics to canvas I use Novaplex 235 (from Novacolor in California

I love oil or acrylic prints (I use linocuts) and let them dry and use watercolor under the paper to color the background with.  I'll try to find some of my examples and show you, if I can figure out how to add them here.  I'm new here.

Beverly, Thanks for the recommendation. I have already started but will try the Novaplex on my next project. Really like the sample you shared, esp. the colors!

I used acrylic medium and its working very well. I also use acrylic medium for about anything. I'm in South Africa and the American products are hard to get and its incredible expensive due to the exchange rate. An artist told me once that I can also varnish my acrylic paintings (hehehe ... I'm not an artist .... just trying) with acrylic medium, he said that it is better than modge podge.

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