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Hi Pat, I watched this vid when I first started using cps, and its pretty good place to start, but I must  caution about baby oil it does work but use it really sparingly otherwise you get an oily look to your painting. I prefer a colourless alcohol marker or a small paintbrush and rubbing alcohol, lots and lots of layers, or gamsol (odourless mineral spirits)  and even zest it, however since I am asthmatic I try not to use the last too very often, but really found it was better to avoid baby oil. Hope this vid helps lots of people starting out in cps, they are such a cool medium. All the best

Jess, I started with Gamsol Blending solution, Loved it for years, then discoverd baby oil; yes you have to use it sparingly, I have a Menda alchohol dispenser, I used for the gamisol, but I guess it sat so long the smell from the gamisol was making me puke, so I washed the dispenser out filled it with babyoil. a tad on a q tip goes a long way.  however unless you layer before you try to blend, it wont let you add more layers after using the babyoil.

Very true unlike alcohol or gamsol to which you can continue adding on layers after, once you use baby oil thats it. Still don't like it even sparingly. As for any of them that's a great idea with the dispenser. I made myself a dispenser like the zest it one, small container with a good sealing lid and a sponge in the bottom - I used a new makeup sponge cut to fit inside, then using an eye dropper drop in enough liquid to damp the sponge then use with a blending stump or paintbrush. Much better and less fumes. I think we all like different methods, and should keep experimenting till we find one we like best. Honestly I love the look of lots and lots of layers, just tend to lack the patience. I adore cps and although I am using watercolours more at the moment, I still love cps and hope this tutorial and comments from other artists who have tried lots of methods, can help others as they are starting out like I was and still am in lots of ways, art is a journey-  a wondeful roller coaster ride full of fun and experimentation. Happy Creating!

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