Not sure if this is acceptable, but this project is actually not done yet. Just thought I'd share what is consuming all my free time. I've never attempted buildings or structures before. You can see the photo I'm using as reference in the lower right and also a bit on the left. It will be 16 x 20 when it's done....if that ever happens. This is an alleyway in Jaffa Israel.

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Thanks Tj, I was wondering about drawing paper. My o' my,I have found this medium is not real forgiving.  I just don't know how to repair errors. So far I have learn several things Not to do again. LOL Like starting with a perfect drawing seem to be a real good idea. I looked through your drawings, nice work.   I like to draw too,and charcoal is a big favorite with me. However; I find it difficult to see it correctly until I have done the drawing and looked at it for some time,or someone says, " Why is that right ear in the back of the head, or did that dog yell when it was hit? " Then I can better see what I was not focused on before. I've tried to erase the prisma colors, but they do not want to go. Thanks for the links, I will use them for sure.   

Tj Voelker said:

Thank you for the nice words, Unruly Orange!! I really appreciate it. I make small circles, lightly, and just keep building layers and layers of color. It really takes quite a bit, and you have to be careful not to get too heavy handed too quickly, as it will cause the color to chip and then you have a large boo boo to fix! I just do the layers and once I have what I think I want, I use a colorless wax pencil and go over the color I just laid down, again, in small circles, only with more pressure (not a lot of pressure, but more than the other times) until it shines. I've tried the "blending pens" that are sort of like a colorless sharpie, but didn't like it. It washes the color out.
I learned how to do this by reading a "how to" teaching, online. Here is the link:
I did my first drawing with colored pencils, after that. Check my page for it. It's called First Fruits. The next one I did was the one of the hand. That's where I found out, the hard way, about applying the color too quickly. You can find the questions and answers to how to fix that here:
I use 140 lb. watercolor paper to do my drawings, both pencil and colored pencil. The First Fruits one though was just paper from a sketch pad. The color went on easier with that (less layers needed), but I'm afraid the paper won't hold up as long. The hand I did was on 140 lb. watercolor paper and the WIP here is also on the same 140 lb. watercolor paper. It takes more layers, but it's easier to fix if you mess up.
I hope this helps and thanks again!

You are most welcome, Orange! You'll find, if you use the heavier paper, that you can erase better too. You can try an electric eraser to get rid of the unwanted colored pencil. I just recently learned about them and they really work best for getting rid of the layers. Be aware though, that the darker colors might not come off all the way and leave a bit of a five o'clock shadow. I usually start with a layer or two of a light color and find that it helps with the building of layers, plus I think it makes it easier to erase completely but I'm no expert, so take that for what you will.

You can use ( Blue Tack ) to take colour pencil off with , just press it on do not rub. It works well.

I think it looks amazing so far, TJ :)

Thanks Susan!! Sorry I just now saw this post. For some reason, my email is not notifying me with comments. Thanks again. I'll definitely give that a go.

susan parsons said:

You can use ( Blue Tack ) to take colour pencil off with , just press it on do not rub. It works well.

Thank you, so much Michelle! As I said, I'm sorry, but my email is not notifying me of comments, so I apologize for not responding. Thanks again for the lovely comment.

Michelle Brenmark said:

I think it looks amazing so far, TJ :)

No worries.  Hope you have a fabulous 2014 ;)


I just signed up to this forum and found your post. Wonderful job!! Did you finish it?
I'd love to see it done!

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