My question is about type of watercolor, brand, and colorfastness. 

I have used Prang watercolor for over 2 years now. 

I wanted to get into tube watercolors to try them out. I did get two colors to work with. 

But I noticed a bit of an odor when I worked with the paint. 

Prang pans don't have any odor. 

Also, I wondering if tube watercolors are more colorfast (don't fade or evaporate) versus the pans. 

I appreciate any reply with their choice of watercolor product, brand, and colorfastness experience with their paintings.


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I use Winsor-Newton watercolors and believe they are generally color fast.  Of course, different colors have different degrees of color fastness.  These are a good quality watercolor.  You could probably find the information you want from the internet by looking up Winsor-Newton watercolors but if you go to your local art store you can get a color chart which has all the information of grading on each color.  I suggest you buy "artist quality" as opposed to "student quality".  Those may be suspect (I don't really know) and the pigment quality would be poorer. 

Another brand that I've heard of (from a watercolor instructor) that I'm told is excellent is Daniel Smith.  They are very expensive (about twice the price) as the pigments come from gems.  I was told to get their info from "Seniors' Art"  website.  They are in Victoria, Australia but I'm guessing they would be in the USA, too.  In any case, they could be ordered.  I've seen the colors on this person's pallet and artwork and they do look very nice and "fresh".  

Whatever you buy, don't buy cheap!  You will only be frustrated using it.  A good quality paint would be of equal quality and colorfastness in either tube or pan, as I understand it.

I hope this helps. 


Thanks so much for this comprehensive info! Very helpful. 

I have seen Winsor-Newton, not sure if I've seen them in Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Right now I'm experimenting with Van Gogh, waiting to see how colorfast they are, especially in light. I'll check out Winsor-Newton. Yes, I'm only looking at professional grade watercolors since I need quality for the products I create.  

Yes, a watercolor instructor I know uses Daniel Smith; I went to their website and they are pricey, but I assume they are the best around. 

Have you heard of Prang Opaque pans? I got a sample I'm trying out. I think they're more like Gouache since they're not transparent. I prefer transparent, which is what Winsor-Newton is. 

Thanks so much for the tips!

No, I haven't heard of Prang Opague, sorry.

That's okay, Joy. The makers of Prang watercolor sent me a sample set of opaque watercolor pans; instead of being transparent, they are opaque. They have a pastier consistency which is not my preference. The paints are made in Germany. 

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