What a wealth of information we have here at The Art Colony community! I find so many great ideas on here. Rather than hunt for ideas I 've seen while surfing this site and elsewhere when I need them, I decided to create my own personal resource manual in a Word file. I have started sections as follows:

 General Painting Tips        This section of my manual holds great tips and techniques I find on any other site, in any book, etc. Being a bit OCD, I have alphabetized my headings under this section so I can quickly locate a specific tip/technique. So far I have sub-headings Acrylic Paints, Canvas, Transfers, and Watercolour Paper. The topics range from using a sponge to create cake effects to prepping regular gessoed canvas for watercolour painting.

 Painting Equipment           This section contains (again, alphabetized) recommendations for watercolour paper, reviews of sable paintbrushes, the best spray varnish, that sort of thing.

Books and Web Sites         Self-explanatory. I’ve organized these under sub-headings Drawing, Painting with Acrylics, and Painting with Watercolours.

I plan to add sections as needed. An Ideas for Paintings section would probably be interesting. I might even break it up into two manuals—Acrylic and Watercolour.

I started doing this a few weeks ago and already, I’ve used it to find the recommended method of removing acrylic paint from a shirt I wore while throwing paint around! Saves my overstuffed brain from having to remember where I saw that tasty tip! At my age, I need all the help I can get.

Does anyone else do this? If so, what useful sub-headings have you devised?

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Ev, I envy your organizational skills! Your personal resource manual sounds very efficient; a great way to keep track of useful info and websites.

Most of my notes get scribbled in sketchbooks (any one of the several I have laying around), written on my white board, bookmarked on my laptop, noted in Google Docs, or tucked somewhere in the back of my brain.  It's not a very organized system so I don't have any tips to pass along, but wanted to say that I admire your approach to organizing your material. 

One sub-heading I can suggest would be step-by-step tutorials, which would fall under Books and Web Sites - but maybe that is what your Books & Websites section is already for?

I'd also be curious to hear how other people organize all the handy tips, techniques, websites, books and snippets of art info that they come across!

I was scribbling in a notebook, too, Thaneeya, and finding the note I needed was a pain. Or I'd write them on scrap paper & then I'd misplace the papers. I am so naturally disorganized that years ago I learned  if I don't make an effort to organize myself, I'm a mess!

Yes, the step-by-step tutorial locations are noted under Books and Web Sites.

This is such a great idea! I'm still doing old-school hanging files for much of my art inspiration ideas. I like how dynamic the Word Doc format is. It can contain hotlinks! And it's "green". Thanks for sharing this Ev. 

My pleasure, Suzanne!

I just added another section to my "manual"--The Business of Selling Art. I'm adding Lou Mead's suggestions for selling on etsy as my first entry in this section.

This is a great idea!  I am forever saying "Now where did I see this"?  Thanks

WOW!  Great organizational skills!

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