I would like you advice on this piece or any other peice that I have done. If my work is not up to par I want to know it and what it is. I can't improve unless I know what the weaknesses are so if you see something please advise me so I can improve the painting. Thank you in advance

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Hi Sylvia,

I think this piece is lovely.  What is the size and medium?

I especially like how you handled the rays of light across the sky and on the field.  It's a really nice effect that gives the painting a glowing quality.

I like your color choices - they're very strong and draw the viewer in.  I'm guessing the darkness on the right side is due to a shadow on the photograph, or did you paint that area darker than the rest of the piece?  If it was painted darker then I think it may be a tad too dark and make the painting feel too heavy in that area, but maybe that is just a shadow.

Two suggestions -

I think the clouds on the bottom look really good but the ones above them could either benefit from having more lights and shadows, or from being made to look "fluffier" since they look very solid.  Maybe if you feathered the edges of those clouds a bit more that would make a big difference.

The other thing is that while I love the dramatic range of colors in the sky, the transition from the light blue to the royal blue seems a bit abrupt on the left side (about 1/3 in from the left edge). I see you mostly have clouds there but there is one small part where the royal blue touches the light blue in the gap between two clouds, so maybe if that area was blended more the transition would be smoother.

All in all I think this is a really nice painting!  I like how you handled the perspective, and how the foreground and background are equally interesting without one dominating the entire composition.

Hope that helps and keep it up!

yes I do see this. I find the acrylic hard to blend sometimes but will try to fix it. I do see the problem with the cloud color and sky. I will work on it more and then post it for a second opinion. Thanks for the critique!

it is acrylics on stretched canvas and is about 2 feet wide and 3 feet long.


Personally id like to see the clouds a little more "faded" but of course thats hard with your large canvas. have to tried using a medium to help with the blending?? I would of blended the "rays" a little more (see my picture of my thomas Kinkade) i had to do the rays also, its very tricky.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors!!!

I think all in all its beautiful my dear!!! Maybe just some blending and your fine. But of course, im just sayin...... LOL

Ive only been painting myself for 9 months so i am definately no expert.



I know I have the retarder but I didn't notice it at the time and I did the clouds over the sky.........live and learn. I am doing one soon with water mixable oils to see how they perform....

I soley use the water mixable oils, and love them.  Just do not forget to thin them with a little bit of water while you are working with them.  I also found that if I decide to paint straight from the tube the oils do tend to get sticky and will not glide when applied so a tiny dip of water helps.  I also found that rinsing the brush quite often helps in the painting process with these oils.  For cleaning during a painting session I keep a tiny bit of real soap bar in a dish with water then two rinsing jars and one for adding to the paints as I work. If I want to slow down the paint from drying to quickly I will turn the ceiling fan on low or competely off.  With these oils you can work wet in wet or let it dry for a few days then work on your next layer. For these oils zinc white is a must, it blends so well with the colors and I have never had it crack on me nor yellow like the titanium can.
Sylvia Luscombe said:

 I am doing one soon with water mixable oils to see how they perform....

So the oils crack then? I have the titanium so will have to get the zinc white. I will take every tip you have for me. Thank you!

No they will not crack.  it is said that the titanium white tends to yellow with age in any medium and the Zinc tends to be brittle, I have not found this to be so.  I do believe that with using both acrylics and oils that the thickness and drying times inbetween layers is what causing paintings to crack. Always follow the rule of fat over lean and you shouldn't have any issues. I sometimes use acrylics for my underpaintings and then go in with oils on top this gives me the advantage in some cases for more depth.  Also teach your self to mix up your own chromatic blacks browns and such so that you have a journal of colors in what mixes make what colors so this saves you time in planning out your works.  If you don't have a good recipes for blacks and brown I will be glad to share what I tend to use.  I did a whole series of monochromatic blacks of big wild cats and they turned out great.  I never use a premixed tube of black any more.

I wold love to have your recipes. thank you!

I attached my running word file of recipes I have.  IF you can't veiw it then please let me know. If you want more of a purple then just add less of the earth tone.


Are you using a photo reference for this painting?  if so can we see it please. Consider your light source and shadows here.  Perspective view as well.  Depending on what yoru trying to achieve for style woudl help us to know are you doing impressionism, realism, or expressiveism?

I see a few things I would change if I were inclined to. first I would lighten up the dark blue sky it is to vivid and makes the sky look like it is sitting on your head. push it back by lightening it up. Second the flowers in the foreground I would detail them out instead of having them impressions of flowers make them more realistic, as they go back into the painting you will want to fade out the detail and the color slightly. Third the horizon blur the clouds and lessen the horizon color of the sky, in this area to push them back they would need less detail as those closer over head have.  fourth I would remove the largest distant tree because if this is as far off as it looks then it would be unaturally large if you were to follow down that road and stand under it. These flowers look like they are up on a hill being the road way is so narrow and small.  If they are beside the road and the ground is more level then fifth widen the pathway as it gets closer to you.  I am sure the photo is giving the overall painting that orange coloring so I woudln't worry about that issue.

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