So, I have oils pastels, which I read are not supposed to crumble as much as soft/hard pastels. Yet when  I use them, the leave blobbies on the paper or on the pastel itself, that I then have to brush/wipe off. Is this normal?

Also, I am using the pastels to color pictures and then heat transfer to tshirts. I am using good quality transfer paper. I have noticed that some colors come out really faint, and others come out a totally different color. Should I be using a different pastel? Would pastel pencils work? Being able to do small details would be amazing. However, if they are more like a colored pencil, it will not transfer well at all.

I am open to any input and thank you for your time.

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it might depend on what brand of oil pastel. Cheaper brands can crumble a lot and the pigment load can be terrible. Those cheap artist loft kind of things from Michael's, or some other off brand can really make you hate oil pastel, which is why I think so many are turned off by the media. They crumble and fade terribly. Sennelier, Holbein, and Cray Pas Specialist are what I like to use in oil pastels. BY FAR the Sennelier are the softest, perhaps not the greatest for fine detail, but at least on paper I love the way they work, they are also bullet tipped, so that can be hard with fine detail. The Holbein and Cray Pas Specialist are a harder than the Senneliers, but they are also square which can be useful and the Holbeins come in color groups. All that being said, these brands are a pretty spendy, but when I used them I was much happier with the results of those than the others. Cray Pas also makes the less expensive Expressionist oil pastels, but I don't have any experience with them.  I am curious about the permanence on t shirts. Are they strictly to look at or are people wearing them and washing them. If it works out I'd like to know your outcome if they worn and washed. Good luck!

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