Did you hear how they are excavating the remains of the woman they believe to be the Mona Lisa?




What do you think?


Part of me thinks they should have just let her rest in peace - after all, she was a person, not a circus exhibit.  But I can also understand the worldwide fascination with the "mystery woman" behind the worlds' most famous painting.


Interesting to note that her ancestor was against the idea of excavation at first, but then changed her mind after meeting the scientists involved.


It's amazing how that one painting has developed such a cult status!



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I think they should just leave her alone....what is their reason for exhuming the body??


According to the article:

The aim of the dig is to find Mona Lisa's remains, compare her DNA with that of two her children buried in Florence's Santissima Annunziata church, then reconstruct her face and compare it to Leonardo's painting.

Seems more to do with curiosity (and commercialism!) than anything. There's no real scientific need to exhume her body.  I wonder if they'll put her bones in a museum or something.  I'm sure that would draw crowds, as morbid as it is.  Sheesh.

Yea, you said it..."Sheesh"....


hmm commercial curiosity.I think she should be left alone.


Of course the DNA comparison only works if the children ARE the cildren of the model for the Mona Lisa, which is another debate.

Yeah, it seems a bit like a publicity ploy, doesn't it.  Which is kinda weird considering the painting is already super-famous.

Ive only just found this, and sadly the link no longer works.

I saw a programme about Da Vinci quite recently and they 'proved' that the Mona Lisa was not a real person but simply made up from the proportions of Leonardos own face!

They took a self portrait and laid it over the Mona Lisa painting and the eyes, nose, mouth, face width, eyes width etc etc, match his own exactly!!

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