I hope I have posted this in the right forum. I have a small exhibit coming up in January, the core of which will be my new Nod to Norval series. The series is getting a bit of buzz and there's a good possibility that at least one piece will be sold before the show starts, with the understanding that they can stand in the show. Someone is also interested in a piece from another series which I have also earmarked for the show. If they do sell early, I thought I would mark which pieces are pre-sold. Is this a good idea? Do SOLD signs make potential buyers feel good that other buyers have recognized the work or do they turn off potential buyers who would like to grab a piece on the spot? This is my first show and I don't want to shoot myself in the foot. And comments/help would be appreciated.

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Ev, I think it's great to show that you are selling your work.  Someone told me I don't have any sold pieces on my website and I should post the ones that have already been sold so people will see you are in demand.  Good luck, Jesse

Are you doing it in a gallery? When my work was displayed in a gallery, the first night was for the shareholders. They oohed and ahhed and bought some things. The next afternoon was for the "members", again, same process. That night, it was open for the public. The sold signs were left up since the walls would have been a little bare in spots if not because there was a process of agreement. (The gallery had a clause in which they had to agree with the pieces being hung)

If you are being displayed at a private institution or a joint art show, then you might want to bring a few pieces to swap out the sold pieces. 

The show is at a private institution, but only my paintings will be exhibited for 6 weeks. What a good idea to have pieces to swap out in case someone wants to buy and take away immediately. See? That's why I asked this question! I know the more experienced members of this board have a wealth of knowledge!

Thanks, everyone. I'm a marketer by trade, so I felt leaving a SOLD sign might be a good idea, but not having experience in this field, I wasn't sure. So I appealed to the experts!

I will definitely have other pieces on hand to swap out just in case a buyer wants to take with. I'm certain there will be no problem with that--as long as the swapped piece is of equal quality, which it will be.

Well!?! How did the first few days of your show go?
Dusty, the show doesn't start till January. I believe in being prepared. Or anal!

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