I just passed an ink drawing to my teacher today. I drew a bride looking out of the window of a church ruin. She is looking far away as if waiting for  her groom. I used lines going in opposite directions and some scribbles. Umm..I just want to ask if anyone could tell me an interpretation of this drawing.(I'm sorry that I can't show it to you at the moment but I'll try to post it after it's graded.) The reason I'm asking is because my teacher interpreted it in such a way that bothered me. I felt very bare as if I just told my deepest and darkest secret to everyone who saw it.

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Without seeing the drawing, I wouldn't even try to guess at various interpretations.  I'm sorry that you experienced discomfort at whatever she may have said. Just remember, that everyone will interpret things with their own veil of experience laid over it.  It's just the way it is.

What Sherril said.

Umm..he told me(my teacher that is) that the bride was a representation of myself and that I was looking for someone to love. He also told me that someone left me. Then he said that I feel too deeply. He also said, that I should focus on my career because the right person will come in time. And I really felt stupid thinking what career? I' m still in my fourth year of highschool. Then as an afterthought; is he referring to after I graduate college? The part that confused me most is when he said it, it felt true. I felt like crying then but my classmates were with me. How on earth can I draw something that I myself cannot understand? I drew that with every intention focused on putting what I'm imagining on paper. I was imagining a bride waiting for her groom to come. The part that I only know is that her groom will never come for he died in a war resulting for the bride to wait until she dies and becomes a ghost. I can't comprehend how a single drawing can reveal so much....

So, what you drew was a clear representation of loneliness and isolation - which, by the way, we ALL feel at times.  So, it's sure to be a part of your makeup, just as it is part of his.  Take pride in the fact that you can deliver up a vision that can so clearly speak of human emotions - it's what artists do.  But you don't have to take on complete ownership of his interpretation, even if you feel somewhat attuned to it.  Just recognize it's part of being human, and be grateful that you have the talent to display what so many others try to keep hidden.

Id ask the teacher if his degree is in art or Psycology. Im just sayin'. Sometimes i just draw/paint....simple as that. I have no inner feelings to get out, no fustration level. Im pretty much a happy gal. Maybe i am just being way to simple but to me it is what it is. Why does everything have to have an interpitation? cant we just "fly by the seat of our pants?" I can draw a sugar skull one moment and an old barn in a field the next. Its just what pops into my ever-flowing brain.

Dont let that get you down. I dont see anything wrong with a bride looking out the window. Why go so deep into it. She is getting married, one of the biggest steps a woman takes outside of childbirth. Plain and simple, she is happy, scared, reflecting on how she got there, anxious to walk down the isle with probably a cryind daddy on her arms.

Thank you for everyone who took the time to read this and reply. You all somehow helped me in a way.

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