(Update January 27: Giveaway has ended) Enter for a Chance to Win a Free Book: Draw Groovy

The giveaway has ended.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Congrats to our winners:

Joanie Pittman


Brenda Stetler!!

The Art Colony is pleased to offer you a chance to

win a free copy of

Draw Groovy


a 64-page book by Thaneeya McArdle (yeah that's me)! This fun book is filled with easy step-by-step lessons that show you how to draw colorful whimsical art such as owls, cats, mandalas, paisley, butterflies and more!

Draw Groovy was written with kids in mind, so it would be a perfect gift for a budding young artist! Teens and adults might enjoy the book too, particularly beginning artists who want to learn to draw cute colorful art filled with shapes and patterns.

For a detailed look at Draw Groovy, I encourage you to check out my overview of Draw Groovy on Art-is-Fun.com, where you will find images of the lessons in this book, and learn more about what this inspiring book contains.

For this giveaway, we have TWO free copies to give away to TWO lucky winners!

How to Participate:

To enter this Giveaway, all you have to do is reply to this discussion by telling us:

"Why would you like to win this book?"


"What would you use the info in this book to create?"

Please type your response in the "Reply to Discussion" box at the bottom of this page.


You can reply to this discussion as many times as you want, (as we would like to encourage interaction), but your name will only be entered into the drawing once. Everyone who answers this question will be assigned a number. At the end of the giveaway, a number will be randomly selected and whoever was assigned that number will be the winner. Conversation is encouraged, but people who respond in this thread without answering either question will not be entered into the giveaway.

The giveaway ends on January 26, 2014 at midnight PST. The 2 winners will be announced within 2 days of the end of the giveaway. The winners must provide their names and mailing addresses in order to receive the prize. If a winner does not respond within 2 weeks of winning, the prize is forfeited and an alternate winner will be selected.

There is no cost or fee to participate. Any potential taxes, import duties or other fees relating to the receipt of this book are the responsibility of the winner.

This is an international giveaway, so it's open to all of our members from around the world. The book will be shipped to you at our expense.

This book was donated to the Art Colony as a giveaway prize by F+W Media, publisher of high-quality art instruction books. Any trademarks or copyrighted material used in this promotion are the property of the respective owners and are used with permission from F+W Media.

Here are a few images from Draw Groovy to give you an idea of the lessons involved:

Click here for a free lesson from Draw Groovy: How to Draw an Owl

Click here for a free lesson from Draw Groovy: How to Draw Paisley

Ready to enter? Post below and let us know:

"Why would you like to win this book?"


"What would you use the info in this book to create?"


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Thank you for participating, and good luck!!

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Why do children have all the fun?  As 'adults,' we are not expected to play.  Well, I don't want to stop playing - and this book would help me do that.  it looks like such fun!


I bought your Mandala Coloring Book and have had so much fun with it and know it would be fun to learn more from you.

I would love to win Draw Groovy.  I have fallen in love with the over.  The colors, the picture but most of all the cat.  The moment I saw the cat I was in LOVE.  Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece.

I would love to win a copy of the book to enjoy for myself as wellas spend time drawing with my granddaughter. Beautiful book! Congratulations!
Darling book! Why would I like to win this book? Because it teaches how to draw an item step-by-step, it doesn't just show the finished product, (as some books tend to do). The steps are easy, short, and basic. This book would provide me with inspiration for my drawings and doodles.

What would I use the info in this book to create? I like to create my own artwork to place around my home, rather than purchasing it. I also try to give gifts that are hand made, (from the heart). I would use the lessons in the book to help me reach a higher skill level. I am a self-taught artist with no formal training, and have learned from reading books. Books like this help those of us who are unable to attend formal training.

I am also a teacher. I write curriculum for our school district's after school programs, (over 800 students). I have noticed that many students don't feel they can draw. With step by step directions, I believe our students could gain the confidence they need to launch their own creative style. This book is fun with a cute cover that would appeal to our students. They would WANT to open it and try some of the lessons.

Great job on the book! Keep them coming!

I want to win this book to stretch the whimsical side of my multi media art! This book looks beautiful and looks like a blast!!

I would share this book with my niece who is so creative, a girl after my own heart. I know we would we have a great time together playing with the works in your book.


I teach children art and many have very little confidence because they have not felt that their works were successful enough. With this book I will have a valuable resource to use so that the children may create successful art works and gain that very important feeling of being good at someting.  

Who doesn't want to play in the land of whimsical...this book looks like some fabulous inspiration.

Thanks for providing the opportunity for these fun rewards!!


I would love to win this book to learn to draw more things for my art journal. Love the sneak peeks I saw!

I want to win this because I LIVED THROUGH the GROOVY years and made it out tot he other side!! I love to draw, always loved to doodle and I would use it everywhere I go!

I would love to share this book with one of my daughters than has really taken an interest in drawing, although it is for kids, I think I could learn a think or more as well!

I'd love to win this book because I like all things that are groovy. Especially if I can use it to doodle and play with color.

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