I've heard so many people talk about the Derwent Art Academy course that you get free pencils for completing and always thought that you must have to pay for the course. I finally checked it out tonight and was surprised to discover it's free! Almost sounds too good to be true....take free classes, do art, get free Derwent pencils?!? I'm in! Here's my work for Class 1 - Shading 3D Objects...nice and simple. 

If you want in on this amazing offer too, go to:

I'm still having a hard time believing this, but lots of people on Facebook are saying they did indeed get their free pencils after completing the 6 classes! So, I just wanted to share this info....Everyone who loves pencils of any type should do this! :)

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Nice job.....thank you Tiffany for sharing this information with us!

I completed this a few months ago, and picked a tin of Inktense for passing. I told quite a few of my friends, that have also received their certificate and pencil choice as well. It is an amazing thing for derwent to do for us artists for free! Absolutely love my Inktense and want to try soo many more of their products now:)

omg i didn't know we got to pick!!!!! wow. i'm already doing the course…so much more exciting now. i love my inktense too!

Thanks for the info. I've now joined and submitted my first drawing.

Awesome Shell & Mike.

I just signed up too....I know I'll learn from this....

i'm on my next lesson - number 4 now! the inktense are brilliant and the aquatone are awesome too. it is all good! go for it!

I completed lesson 4 and posted it on Friday. Still not heard back on this one, so posted it again tonight.
After reading the posts here I signed up as well. Completed lesson 3, but not sure about the sea shell dot thing, so I might have to do lesson again. Fantastic free lessons though, especially as a total beginner with abolutely no prior art experience of any kind. Thank you again for mentioning this.

i finished and they asked for my address - no choosing though…so? go figure??? it's great, whatever pencils i get anyway!

Same for me Michele, they sent a set of sketching pencils (not coloured).

Thanks Michele and Mike for letting us know, I haven't quite finished yet, I'm up to watercolours (lesson 5), but it doesn't matter what they send I can always use more pencils. I hope you are happy with yours, and I don't know about you but I learned some cool stuff during the course, I'd never tried black paper before and I really like it. All the best and congratulations to both of you on finishing your Derwent courses. 

Is this only for people in the UK?

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