Hello, I stumbled across this site about a week ago and already I am addicted, there is so much info here. I am Mum to 2 grown up sons and am very new to painting. I have dabbled with watercolours on and off but have recently been using acrylics. My problem is lack of confidence and wanting things to be perfect! Already my confidence has grown since finding Art Colony so thanks to all and I look forward to finding new friends. Sue

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Thats wonderful! And the key to becoming great at art is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! I know it may get tiresome after awhile but keep researching and learn to do new things. Experiment! I had the same problem with things needing to be perfect but art isn't ment to be perfect, its about self expression! ( And I know this is WAYYY more addictring then facebook)

Oy, if I worried about getting everything perfect, I'd never do anything. :--) And that's what I did for the longest time: nothing! Now I follow the advice of my artist friend, "Just DO it" and my former  personal trainer, "Showing up is half the battle." I show up (haul out the supports, paints, water canisters, palette, and paper towels) and just do it (take a deep breath and paint). I don't worry whether it's "good" or whether anyone else will like it. (If they do, that's nice, but not necessary.) I was a writer for many years and I found that writing more makes you a better writer. Everything gets easier with practice. Every weekend I try to do something art-related, whether it's painting or visiting an art gallery or taking my camera on a trip around the city looking for painting ideas. If you don't have confidence, Sue, just fake it till you make it!

PS  You should have seen me the day I decided to start my first 24" x 36" canvas. My hand must have wavered over that support for half an hour before I made my first pencil mark!

Thanks guys I will practice more, its so much better than housework ! I will also strive to stop worrying what other people think :)

Exactly! I find if I do art to impress someone else it always come out worse then if i did just for myself! Good luck to ya!

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