Hello folks! 

Seems like it's a bit sparse in these waters, so I'm gonna throw a pebble into the pool and see what we can stir up!

This is a painting I recently finished in which I used a scratching technique that is usually employed in landscapes (to make the tree trunks in far away tree lines and branches closer up)

Let see what we can do with this magnolia blossom:

Lets start with a toned canvas that has our magnolia blossom already inked in.

We then do our preliminary umber under painting to establish our darks.

Then our gray layer that establishes all of our half tones and shadows.

Here's our finished painting with all the colors and highlights added.


These close ups show where I employed a scratching technique to expose the slightly darker gray underneath the final color layer.  This gave the illusion of the fine veins that run through out the petal.


A few additional added touches are done to give the viewer some additional interest.  The top arrow is a highlight that has a bit of yellow in it to simulate sunlight. This was done throughout the paintings, but not of every highlight.   It really made this fold roll over for me.

I also added a little leaf tip, exaggerating the original from the photo, because I felt this helped pull the veiwer into the painting.


The completed work above.  Hope you enjoyed this tip! 

Till next time...

Comments and suggestions welcome.  Have you got a question? Post it in this forum, I may be able to help!

I just gotta figure out how to make this thing ring my bell when someone responds.

Easy Oil Painting Techniques

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Hi Meg, yes, I worked from several photo's.  It was a very productive ride that afternoon.  Peakland Place here in town, is lined with these wonderful trees, and always a treat when in bloom.  The fragrance is amazing!
completely amazing!!!
What a great step by step post. Thank you for taking the time to share it.
Your Magnolia Blossom looks really good Delmus! I've got to try this art technique the Umber underpainting. Thanks for sharing. 
Thanks for the comments everyone!  I've uploaded the reference photos to several more magnolia blossoms in the new image library.  Have a great painting day with them!
Very beautiful painting! I didn't realize there were so many layers in painting, as I'm just beginning. Awesome work!
I hope u post some more pics of the intermediate layers between the grey layer and finished color layer.
Magnificent work and work in progress...thank you so much for sharing...you are a genius

Though I paint in acrylics, this was very helpful. I was struggling with white flowers. Thank you!

How beautiful ! I'm just learning and can't wait to be able to create something so beautiful as this !! Love it 

Beautiful!  Wish it were as easy as you make it look!

The light is incredible!  Just beautiful.  thanks for the tips!

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