Just playing around with some answers to this question... "How do you know if you're an artist?"

  • If you love to create things
  • If you have an insatiable urge to express yourself visually
  • If you would make art even if no one in the world ever saw it but you
  • If walking into an art supply store fills you with excitement
If you horde supplies that other people might see as "junk", but you know you might be able to use it in your art someday
  • If  you cherish self-expression
  • If you want to show the world a new way of looking at things
  • If you want to tell your story
  • If walking into an art supply store fills you with excitement
  • If you want to share your inner vision
  • If you are capable of digging deeply inside of yourself to find your own inner truths, and you are brave enough to pull them out and show the world

What else can you add to this list?  :)

How did you know you were an artist?

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I think it is something to do with the bad language that escapes unbidden, after yet another mistake!

* When People start talking about art you get all tingly :) 

When your sound asleep and wake up in the wee hours of the morning with some crazy painting/drawing idea and cant go back to sleep till you at least sketch out your thoughts. LOL. Ive actually started keeping a plain ol' paper journal next to my bed to jot down ideas. Because if i dont im up and at it.

If you can't NOT paint/draw/etc.

If your second favourite way to spend a day (after painting) is going to the Art Gallery of Ontario and forgetting to eat lunch because the art is so exciting.

  • When you visit an art museum, you stand really close to the paintings because you want to see the artist's brushstrokes and study their techniques (and then the museum guards tell you to step away from the painting, even though you wouldn't dream of actually touching it!)
  • You spend so long in art museums, art museum gift shops, art supply stores, or the art section of bookstores that whoever you went with gets really bored and begs you to leave

Oh, my Lord, yes, Thaneeya to your first remark!!!! And when there's a great exhibit, you go back numerous times for the same reason.

I spent a lot of last weekend visiting galleries in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  Saw some fabulous art. My new hero is Lucy Maki. I came thisclose to buying one of her pieces. May still. I look at them with my mouth hanging open, salivating!

You know you are an artist when someone asks, " What are you looking at?" and you launch into how you see the subtleties and variety of colours in a tree...then they blink, look at you like you've sprouted a horn on the top of your head and say, " Ooohhkayyy, whatever!"

One More! 

- You know you are an artist when you go into a makeup store and buy makeup brushes for your paint, or you spend all of your money on art supplies even though you have stacks and stacks already. 

Thank God! I thought I was the only one! lol

Okay, this is an old thread but I thought of another one...

You know you're an artist when... you know it's time to go to sleep but you can't because you're either making art or your head is buzzing with ideas about art, and when you finally do go to bed, you just lie there thinking about art and seeing images swirl around in your head. When you wake up in the morning after just getting 2-3 hours sleep, and someone asks you why you were so tired, all you can say is that you couldn't sleep because you were excited about art.

Similar to what Christina said, I have learned to keep a sketchbook next to my bed too, for nights when I either can't sleep or wake up with an idea (or a dozen) that won't leave til I jot it down or sketch it out.

You know you're an artist when...you dream in black and white and you start painting them in your dreams.
You know you're an artist when...your hubby can't find any glasses cause you have them all in your studio with paint brushes in them. ps note poor hubby you know your wife is an artist when because she doesn't have a real studio the whole house becomes the studio. Kitchen counters, Kitchen table, game table with drying canvas on top, Dining room table overflowing with art stuff, bedroom full of art books...I think you get the picture.

When other people call you an artist and finally, you believe them!

And Cat, I have a studio and I still litter the rest of the house with brushes, paint jars and canvasses in varying stages of completeness.

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