How to upload an image so that it appears within your post in a forum or group:

(iPad users: Scroll down to the bottom for instructions on uploading images on an iPad.)

If you are replying to a pre-existing discussion, in the "Reply to This" box, click on the small rectangular icon as shown in the toolbar below:

If you are starting a new discussion, the toolbar will look like this (click the box at the point of the arrow):

The following box will pop up. Leave it at the default ("From my computer"), and then click the "Browse" button.

Find your image, and allow a moment for the image info to appear in the "Link" and "Width" sections (as shown above). You do not need to change the info in either of those sections, because they automatically fill in.

Once that info is automatically filled in, your image is ready to upload!

Click "OK" and your image will be inside the Reply box.

Note: It's perfectly OK if your image looks really large and fills the whole box. After you click "Add Reply", the image will automatically resize to fit the page.

Click "Add Reply" and your image will be posted in your reply!

These instructions apply to forum posts, discussions, and group posts.

If you need to edit your post, you can do so by clicking on Options in the upper right of your post, and then click Edit Discussion. When you are done, click the orange Save button beneath your post.

Please remember to only upload your own images and not other people's images, for copyright reasons. Thanks!

iPad Users: How to upload an image so that it appears within your post in a forum or group:

If you want to upload images from an iPad into your forum post, you'll need to use a Flash-enabled web browser such as Puffin or Skyfire. The "toolbar" is Flash so it doesn't appear in Safari. (The slideshow on the homepage is also Flash so it doesn't appear in Safari.)

There are also other Flash-enabled web browsers that you can find in the App Store if you want to experiment. When you use a Flash-enabled web browser, you should be able to see the toolbar and follow the instructions described on this page.

Another option, if you don't wish to purchase a Flash-enabled web browser app for your iPad, is to email your iPad art to yourself, download it onto your computer or laptop, and then upload your art from there.

If you have tips to share regarding image upload on an iPad, please let us know in the Site Help Forum because your experience may be helpful to others. Thanks!

If you are wondering how to take photos or scans of your art to display on the web, visit these discussions for tips and ideas:

If you have further questions about how to digitize your art, please post in one of those discussions, as there are a lot of artists here with a range of experience who can help.

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