Hi everyone,

The mods have received a few messages over the past few months from members who encountered errors while trying to upload a profile pic, so I thought I'd post the suggestions from Tech Support here.

First, to change your profile pic:

  1. Click on your Settings tab, which can be found in the upper right of TAC, underneath your name, Messages & Friends (Or click this link to go directly here: http://community.art-is-fun.com/profiles/settings/editProfileInfo)
  2. At the top of the page, click "Browse" and locate the photo on your computer
  3. The photo will pop up in a box and you can crop it if you want. When finished, click "Save"
  4. You should be back at your Settings page now, with your new profile pic appearing on the left
  5. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click the orange "Save" button. It's important that you click the Save button for your changes to take effect.

If you try the procedure outlined above and it doesn't work for you, this is what our Tech Support team suggests:

Normally, errors with uploading images are browser-related. Can your member ensure Flash is up-to-date? (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/)

Please also ask the member to confirm that his/her browser is allowing Javascript (http://www.ning.com/help/?p=3621).

If the member continues to experience this issue, suggest trying another browser such as Google Chrome to see if that fixes the issue, or try our troubleshooting tips: http://www.ning.com/help/?p=3621

Browsers that tend to work well with our website's coding structure include:

-Safari 5.1 and Safari 6
-Internet Explorer 8 and 9

Just for reference, just about any image should work as long as it is a GIF, JPG or PNG image that is under 10 MB in size. We recommend square images that are larger than 183×183 pixels. Anything larger will be compressed/resized to fit that space. For more information on updating a profile picture, please check this page: http://www.ning.com/help/?p=4464


Hope this helps. Unfortunately the moderators are unable to change your profile pics for you, and neither is the Tech Support team. Often, using a different browser will enable you to change your profile pic, so please do give that a try, as it might be the easiest solution. :)

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Finally got my profile pic uploaded, and it only took using another browser.
Thanks, Thaneeya!

Glad to hear this info was useful, Scott! And that all it took was using another browser. That seems like a nice easy solution to me, so hopefully that works for other members as well if they are having issues with uploading/changing through profile pics.

That did it!  I, too, just used a different browser and was able to post a profile picture.  Big thanx, Thaneeya.  Great sight you have here.

Hi I was just wondering if you have come across my problem. I have reported it so I hope it will be solved soon but I like to help myself if I can. I am all of a sudden not getting any emails from the art colony at all.........I have to go on to the site all the time and look for my comments on my postings.........all the boxes are ticked in settings okay. I have never had this before and it is frustrating. Just wondered if you had come across this problem you may have some advise. I know my computer okay because all my other stuff from all over is fine it is just on here..........Many thanks.........Suzanne

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