Hi I'm near the end of a pencil drawing of a tiger head, and I need to high light the whiskers and make them more white. Ive used white chalk pastels,it just made it look dirty. I was going to use white out,but I spent over 90 hrs on it and I dont want to reck it.

what do you suggest please.

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Maybe white gouache would be subtle and delicate enough to highlight the whiskers?  I find White-Out hard to control even when using it for its intended purpose, but it might work if you apply it with a small, fine brush.  Or you could try white acrylic paint that is watered down a bit... If you don't have white acrylic, perhaps you could water down the White-Out to make it easier to manage. (I read somewhere that White-Out is simply white acrylic paint, don't know if that's true or not though.)

Check out Doreen's post about how she created whiskers on her lion pencil drawing: http://community.art-is-fun.com/group/realism/forum/topics/wip-lion

She writes: "I lay down graphite then pull out lights with the Stick eraser that I have chiseled with a craft knife to get a very fine erased line."

Thank you you've been a great help. I checked out Doreen's lion,awesome! There is so many great artist out there,thanks again for starting this site, I tell all my friends about it.

Glad I could help, Danny! That's great that Doreen's lion post was helpful to you too. And thanks for telling your friends about The Art Colony! There is such a great community of artists here.  :)

I have an electric eraser with a very fine tip I use to do whiskers or fine hairs.  I ordered it from Blick.


thank you, I saw one in the art shop last week,I am saving up for it.

Hi Wanda Sue

Are these electric erasers good then? I wasnt sure if it was another of those gimmicky things that was not really necessary.


Wanda Sue Bailey said:

I have an electric eraser with a very fine tip I use to do whiskers or fine hairs.  I ordered it from Blick.


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