Do you have a great idea for a group?

Groups are a great place for like-minded artists to meet and chat about a common theme - for instance, there is a group for abstract art and another group for photorealist art

We're totally open to ideas for new groups, as long as there is a demand for it.  So if you've got an idea for a group, post your suggestion here!  If you like someone else's idea for a group, chime in with your opinion so that we can gauge how many people are interested in each idea.

Also, if you have an idea for a group and want to be the group leader, post here and let us know. 

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I would also love a tangle / doodle group x

Christina Mcclintock said:

Im all for the Zentangle/Doodle group.

Sounds like maybe an index/glossary for products used? I like that idea. I'm always wondering about things I hear people using and different techniques. I have a hard time doing web searches and finding what I'm looking for in a language I understand.

Christina Mcclintock said:

another thing is keeping product info just in one spot (unless it is and i have missed it) for example. Pastels. Im seeing alot about it and i googled the different pastels but still have no clue (soft/hard/oil/acrylic). Maybe a place where a list is kept (no necessarily advertising for any particular manufacturer) again, like the pastels. a description of all and what they are like, what effects can be had with each one and maybe showing off artwork. Or like the Inktense. I never heard of those (of course im so new). maybe a breakdown of different type pencils, how they work, what to expect. I hope im making sense here. being new this would help me figure out what to use and where to use it and what paper/canvas to put it on etc etc. All this in one place. as it is now we have to go, lets say to "pencils work" or something titled that. then work our way around all the comments to fnd out about a product. ok so thats my idea

Me too! Zentangle/doodle group sounds fun.

Lucy Peach said:

I would also love a tangle / doodle group x

Christina Mcclintock said:

Im all for the Zentangle/Doodle group.

Yes it would be alot of work. I just find it hard to keep looking around all the threads. But since that post I have been keeping my own file with tutorials.
But I still like the Zentangle /doodles /Mandalas idea.

I would like to suggest to add a comic group for cartoonists, cartoons all like drawings and styles and ages, and abilities open to everyone interested.


I would like to propose a new group related to the design of Comics, or if a broader term is desired, Sequential Art. There are many people online who are practicing this facet of artistic skill, and it's a topic I'm not sure that any website that includes art-is-fun in its address should be doing without.

I'm only just starting out with it myself (so nothing really of my own to show off yet) but I think it would be fun to have some like-minded folks to share and kibitz with. Especially with events like 24 Hour Comic Day approaching!

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