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A snowflake is either a single ice crystal or an aggregation of ice crystals which falls through the Earth's atmosphere. They begin as snow crystals which develop when microscopic supercooled cloud droplets freeze. Snowflakes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Complex shapes emerge as the flake moves through differing temperature and humidity regimes, such that individual snowflakes are nearly unique in structure. Snowflakes encapsulated in rime form balls known as graupel. Snowflakes appear white in color despite being made of clear ice. This is due to diffuse reflection of the whole spectrum of light by the small crystal facets.

We would like you to use the reference/inspiration photo to create a piece "In Your Style".

This challenge is open to all artists, whatever your medium.

Please post your finished artwork in this discussion thread.

We're looking forward to seeing the diversity in art created by one reference/inspiration photos!

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Thanks Pat and Ariane! Ariane, this was done using a White Glaze pen on white paper. I did it on a lightboc because I can see the ink, plus I used a template underneath so I had direction with respect to what layer the snowflake was in. Then I sprinkled it with turquoise and ultramarine Brusho crystals, sprayed with water and tilted the page to create the background. Finally, I added some silver metallic Gelly roll pen. The

Ariane Higham said:

Lovely.  How do you do these?

Jo Flockton said:

Some more snowflakes

Thank you Pat.

Pat said:

Nice job Brian!

Brian Baltz said:

Mother Nature and Father Time playing a fun game of Snow flake ring toss.

Oil Pastel and colored markers.

very nice, clean and crisp.

Pat said:

Nice Jane!

cheekyjane said:

Here's mine

Smiles .. Thank you Michele.

michele josiane martin said:

wow wow wow. i don't know wHAT to do now. i just saw these. omg. how beautiful they all are! jo and sze and jane! ariane, brian! pat, did i see one from you? my memory is very poor! well, i read your comments on the others' aren't they incredible? great topic! ill have a go, but i'm not confident, now i've seen these!. i'll have a think about what to do...

Brian and Jane, two great pieces! Brian, great sense of humour!

Love it, so delicate and pretty. 

cheekyjane said:

Here's mine

Thank you Jo, figured I would toss in a little twist.

Jo Flockton said:

Brian and Jane, two great pieces! Brian, great sense of humour!

Can't believe I missed this till now!  I make snowflakes all the time so this is a thread I just had to add to.  I love seeing everyone else's snowflakes and it's cool to see that some other artists in the colony are using Painter symmetry tools!  


No deadlines, but because it's you, yes you're late, lol! Looks great!

His name should have been Mr Late

Bwah hahahhahahahhahah Mz just wasnt happening for me back motivation and lost mood...

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