What Inspires you? What makes you pick up the paint brush or sketch book and create a masterpiece?

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Browsing at the bookstore does it every time, for me!   :)  It also happens when I pause to reflect on why and how I was attracted to something that I like, in the first place.  

Thats very true:) I LOVE bookstores. Especially those antique second hand ones! I also get inspired by visiting galleries and sitting quietly in my zone:)

Michael Ricketson said:

Browsing at the bookstore does it every time, for me!   :)  It also happens when I pause to reflect on why and how I was attracted to something that I like, in the first place.  

I get inspired by rain, by anything really! As the mood strikes me, i guess. I love sitting home by myself with a paintbrush just thinking about what to paint next! Currently I am working on a dirt road that I see everyday ( in watercolor).

Music, a dream, confusion in my head or emotions which wants to be let out, being bored at work and letting my thoughts wander :-), looking at paintings.

My latest was the reflection in the window of a bank near my streetcar stop! Anything can inspire as long as your mind is open to being inspired, I think.

I find inspiration almost everywhere.  From a cute design on a napkin or a piece of fabric to the architectural beauty of a bare tree to a simple, beautiful perfect acorn.  I spend a lot of time looking at books and magazines and Google Images.  I'm addicted to that one.  I love to type in something like "fern frond" and just see what all comes up.  I'll sit there for an hour looking at all the different images of one simple thing.  I have an absolute hunger for imagery.  That is probably why I am drowning in a sea of magazines I can't seem to get rid of!

I think Starr and I are twins on where our inspiration comes from as I do many of the same things. I am a writer as well and right now my writing brain is on a siesta so I find that when certain feelings arise be they happy or sad, good or not so good if they are things that would inspire me to write when that part of my brain is open I now take the feelings and experiances and put them into my art.

I needed some hooks for my bedroom wall for hair accessories I was given 3 wine corks so I took a coffee hoojk twisted it into the bottom of the cork took a tiny screw and washer and fashioned a hook out of wire and placed it between the washer and the head of the screw I screwed the screw into the back of the cork and Voila instant hook for lightweight items =o) You could take it a step further by painting the cork or gluing an item to the top. Life is full of inspiration. I hate to throw anything out because almost everything can become something =o)

Everything can inspire a person to paint, where we go to, from the books we read or even the way we see life..I like to express my feeling  by painting. When ever I feel sad or extremely happy I paint. Thats by biggest inspiration. When I paint something so well it makes me so glad.. Because I'm horrible at painting , but its my favorite thing to do, so I keep trying. It's so difficult to but feelings in paper.. but thats my reason of painting. It's like creating my own world..

Growing up with a pencil in one hand and paper in the other left no doubt in my mind as to what I wanted to do when I grew up. Art is an integral part of my life. It is what lets me think freely, let me explore and venture into a world that is entirely mine.
 It’s always just been the way I can visualize and communicate. 
There's this constant need to scribble something, sketch my thoughts out. I guess you never really need to look for inspiration. Its always there around you, you should just let it carry you.

Looking at the beauty of creation is where I get most of my inspiration. The colors, shapes and beauty of everything form the micro to the macro cosmos makes me want to pick up a pencil or grab my paints. I take lots of pictures everywhere we go to capture the moments with creation. Most of my inspiration comes form what I see not what I feel. I guess that is why I like photorealism. I cannot imagine anything more beautiful and perfect than what I see in creation, like the face of a child or some of the horses and other animals some of you paint so well. I get a lot of inspiration from looking at art created by others. I can spend hours looking at the art at this site and others. You, and the other artist inspire and challenge me and I am thankful for that.

My daughter inspires me ...

Wow guys thanks for all your amazing,inspiring sharing:)

I am inspired by life-Each person that walks by has a story to tell. Each time I sink my teeth into a jam doughnut or sip a champagne I find myself appreciating the small things:) Each time my heart gets broken I have a love story to write a painting to create and a tear to shed. I love these things about life..that is what inspires me!!!

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