I am a 17 yr old girl. I have a couple of friends, none are girls. I don't like jewelry or perfume or makeup. I live in Alabama but I do not act like it at all. I would rather stay inside and read art books then go hang out with my friends. I feel like its just me, all alone, that no one gets it. Art isn't just something you randomly pick up. It is a way of life and it completly alters how you see evrything. Is there something wrong with me in that I am so young to get this? Please reply. Doo any of you you feel like this?

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I mean my whole life I have been different from everyone. I always hear my parents saying why aren't you like normal kids, why do you act like that. They say I am really immature, and such. And thank you this helped very much! I am just in my own little world. Theoden is a really pretty name by the way. 

la vie est comme la vie est ;)

Just be yourself. Who has to say what is normal?

I remember a time when I was much younger, when I can't think of anything else but draw and paint. I will take stacks of old newspaper and just draw for hours on end. My imagination just goes wild and I would create stories from these pictures. I was quite good at drawing that I used to be asked by my classmates to draw things for them for some of our classes. I never drew stick figures even when I was little; always three dimensional and I can almost see the figures come alive when I create them. And then it all went away. I moved half-way across the world, grew up, started working, got married, became a mom, got divorced, re-married, became a stay-at-home mom, and then now I am working again (at 49 years old!). I think back to those days when I can just sit down and draw without a care in the world. Don't get me wrong; I still love art-- I enjoy going to museums and galleries and looking at different art forms, but the passion is not the same as it was. I am starting to recapture that feeling, slowly...and being a part of this community helps. 

So don't ever think of yourself as unusual or different; you're simply unique as I was back then. I always thought that I had such a special talent -- and it truly defined me and there's nothing wrong with that. So enjoy this feeling as much as you can-- explore your world with the artistic gifts God has given you.

I get people asking me all the time to draw stuff for them! Lol. I used to draw on the walls and such. I dont want to ever forget about my art or the way it makes me feel. I mean I guess it feels right but still... I feel like a freak when I am around girls my age. My imagination is like crazy, it never rests.

Skylar, your an artist. Your allowed to be eccentric and unusual. Thats hwat makes artists interesting. Its a million times different than being crazy. You think colorful and creative and of course the body responds. Your way of thinking and seeing the world is quite different and your friends do not understand this. Explain to them, you have a passion for art, you love creating, heck they may even ask you to do some art for them :)

Think of it this way. If two people were put together and one was an artist and the other a politician or debt collector. Would you be able to see who the artist was straight away? Put them both in smart suits and the answer would still be the same.

When art is in your soul, in your bones, there is no right or wrong way to be. Follow your heart, be kind to others, try not to worry about what is 'normal' and let your imagination free!

sounds very familiar to me from when i was 17. now im 40. i promise it all comes into focus. Your life itself is a work of art. let it flow from your soul. Dont try so hard to figure it out and think. enjoy it all, be happy, do what makes you happy. Be you and be proud of who you are. As long as you are a good person noone can knock you for it. I promise it will all fall into place. Study hard at school, do your best, keep drawing and creating and above all else be patient with yourself. your friend, Heidi


I think it's humorous when an adult tells a 17 year old that she is immature, when adults often have significant issues in their own lives which they are unable to resolve.  Why are truly young people supposed to act old?  Why are they supposed to pretend to have everything figured out?  And how many 90 year olds are completely well adjusted and good at everything anyway?

Especially since you are an artist, my recommendation is to delete "immature" from your vocabulary!  It's one of the most useless (or misused) words in our culture.  Think of yourself as blessedly eccentric!   :)

What did Willy Wonka say?

We are the music makers and we are the dreamer of dreams.

A little nonsense now and then, relished by the wisest men..

and what would life be without art and artists? Unthinkable, preposterous. Carry on onwards and upwards :)


Oh wow! Thank yall so much! I feel much much better about myself. I know I won't ever fit in expect in the art world! And I guess I am glad about that. Micheal- Thank you! Oh that is amazing advice, I can be blessdly eccentric just like Salvador Dali :D Alan- Thank you so very much too, I guess I see how it is wrong to be like everyone else to be boring and yuck. Meg- My parents and teachers are trying to push me into Nursing or some other stupid job. I have to pay for college myself if I decide to be an artist. I have chose to be an artist, I have to do everything myself, but it is worth it. Heidi- I am doing everything I can for school lol. but thank you very much, I will strive to be a great artist. Emma- I am trying to enjoy being myself and an artist but going to school having to worry about evrything is sooo exhausting. Thank you also.


This has changed my persepective greatly. Thank all of ya'll for your kind words. I know that I am going to push through this and in 5 months I will be graduated and all this pettiness will disappear. Just pray I'll make it until then. <3 ya'll are all wonderful people. Graphic design school here I come! ( I am going to let my haters be my motivaters!)

Skylar, I always say that art is food for my soul. I certainly feel that way when I walk into an art gallery or museum. Artists (actors, painters, musicians) feed the soul and I, for one, am very glad of that--which is why I will continue to drop toonies in the guitar case of the boy in the subway, even when my friends snicker. So, you, Skylar, are not "crazy", you are a creator of food for people's souls.

I think I can say that a lot of us were in your shoes at 17. Looking back now that seems like a very long time ago when you are 53.  Being different is something to celebrate not hide from. When people don't understand something and become aggressive then thats usually out of fear and hopefully with time that will change. You are an individual with a dream, to become whatever you want to become and if art is your passion then thats what your here to do. Being an artist isn't just something you do it is who and what you are. So quit stressing over what others think, or if you fit in and do what is right for you.  Enjoy and create a great life for yourself, go getem Skylar!

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