Challenge: How many different ways can you draw the number 1?

Today's challenge is a fun creativity booster!  In honor of The Art Colony's 1st Birthday:


How many different ways you can draw (or paint, or sculpt, etc) the number 1?


You have total freedom in terms of size, color, medium, surface, etc.  Go wild!  Break out of the mold!  See what you come up with.


If you're strapped for time, this can be a fun doodling exercise when you're relaxing in front of the TV or during your down time at work.


You might be surprised at how many different ideas you come up with!


Here's my sketchbook page filled with 1s, created in pencil, pen and marker:


Then I had to top it off with one nice big fancy 1, first drawn in pencil, then colored in with pens (Staedtler Triplus FineLine pens):

Can't wait to see what you come up with!! :)


This challenge is one of 30 that is being posted during the month of June 2012 in honor of The Art Colony's 1st birthday!! We'll be posting a new challenge each day. To view all the challenges, please visit this thread:


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I agree that the building and the carrot (which was originally meant to be a tree, ha, until I realized that a bunch of leaves on top would make it harder to look like a '1') are the most creative and "out of the box" ideas.  That's what I love about this process... I started out with simple doodles, then kept expanding on them, then started making the '1' into little images like the house.  It reminds me of how they have fun with the 'Google' logo and make it look like different things. 

In terms of the '1' being straight up and down, like a 'I' shape, there's so many ways to draw it creatively... a birthday candle, an upright crayon, a toothpick, a feather, the Eiffel Tower, etc.... some of the ideas may not be immediately recognizable as a '1' on its own, but in context (on a greeting card or an art journal page, etc) those would be some cool ways to make the number '1'!

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