Anyone out there tried these? I was considering getting some due to the fact that the Prismacolor Premier Art Stix don't come in gray. Before I buy them though, I have questions, like how well do they blend in comparison to Prismacolr or traditional colored pencils?
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Frank Andrus said:

Difference lies in a number of things 1 how hard is the core? Medium is best.  How light fast is the color?  Polychromos hold the best light fast record over all.  How many colors are offered?  Polychromos are 120 in oil and watercolor same number and same hues -0 nothing matches the offering.  Medium core and translucent so you layer to find thousands of colors as you use the color wheel to combine colors - this will lead you to find that most soft pencils gob up and hurt your work. 

Dusty Gonterman-Clare said:

How do artist's color pencils compare to the average color pencil? When you speak of blending, is it more like smudging?  No Dusty, blending or layering is a process of one color over another to create a third color.  No smudging involved. 

Thanks so much for the tips and the recommendations! As I said, I'm pretty new to all this and haven't had any classes in color pencil or painting (not that I paint) or in paper and oil vs wax pencils. Nice to meet someone who knows what they're talking about! I've written your suggestions down and will put them on my wish lists! Thanks again! And I'll look forward to your remarks on solvents.

Yes I have a set and I love them, I usually do my portrait in prismacolor  pencils but I use the kol I noor for extra highlights or just some extra color, They work well together,  They don't' have a larger variety of colors but they do have a great feel to them.. 

Thanks so much Jean! I appreciate your comments. I have Prismacolor Premier and a few Prismacolor, but I'll keep the Koh I Noor's in mind. Thanks again.

I have the koh, derwents, and now some soho, I just started something and am using them all, the only thing I do not like is my koh's dont have color names, just numbers. Next phase is getting prismacolor....

Frank, I had a couple of questions on this very subject, but I think you cleared them up for me. Thanks.

Frank Andrus said:

I offer a comparison sheet on colored pencils to my students - to be brief Prismacolor is wax core and listed as soft those two things will destroy your work when adding the lack of "light fastness"  found in Prismacolor.  So I would put it in the Student Grade category.  If you want to do Colored Pencil work that is Gallery worthy use Polychromos by Faber-Castell  they are oil based core and listed as medium.  I do not let any other colored pencil in the class because of may things but the important thing is 120 color sets that have matching 120 color sets in water color pencils.  The range of colors is more like you will want and when layering they blend together nicely.  Word to the wise; When using colored pencils "They are translucent"  your bottom color will influence other colors layered above.  Wish you were close as I have a class starting in early June that would answer all your questions.  

Dusty Gonterman-Clare said:

How do artist's color pencils compare to the average color pencil? When you speak of blending, is it more like smudging?

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