I find a limited artist palette works wonders. It frees me from a box of artist paint tubes that in time some will just have a tendency to dry out.

It also is a massive help in opening a door of creativity and confidence in mixing colors.

If I had a nickel for every artist paint tube that went bad I'd buy a new easel. One of them fancy ones. One of them ones that can hold really large canvas. Aaah, but then I'd have to enlarge the art room. Better not think about that just yet.

I found that sticking with the Primary Colors is enough to be able to mix whatever artist colors I need to complete an artwork. I may add a few transparency colors to the palette for enhancements that give a glowing effect but not too many.

I really believe an artist should try a limited palette and practice with it for a short time. It's a real eye opener.


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I agree. Using limited colours gives a sense of unity to the colouring of your painting.It teaches you about colour and makes your paintings look better.

Limiting your palette also teaches you about colour bias and why you sometimes can't mix the colour you want. That's why some painters use two blues, two reds etc.

It's also cheaper so may allow the purchase of better paint, which is also important I believe.

I stick to a mostly limited pallet and it has definitely taught to mix and I can do it rather quickly because I always mix. A recent dog portrait made me want to get another color just because I was mixing the same thing over and over. Of course now that ones done and I have another color to go to. I like the savings also, like Glen said, when I need to replace a tube, I can spend a little extra and try some top line paint.

Happy that it's helping you to learn color mixing and saving money. What I'm experimenting with now is how to make gray of the complimentary colors and getting away from the basic white and black mixes. Opens up a whole new world and really makes a painting stand out. Got to write a article on what I find.

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