Looking for Challenges for my unique style of continuous line drawings.

I'm looking for complex challenges like the two above.  The first one is the Dartmouth harbour path, and the second one is Jonah looking down on Nineveh.  I like my unique style and I want to take it further.  So far most of the pictures I have done in this style other than these two are simple like a horse, a bee, a princess... I like doing ones like that too, but I want to see how far I can take it.  So please someone give me some challenging requests.

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Nice! I especially like your Jonah! :) I don't get the "continuous line" part though? To me, "continuous line," means you never pick up your pen & have to go backwards along the same line if you want to change direction, etc. - kind of like "contour line drawings." What do you mean by "continuous line"? Just trying to understand. There's a million Biblical themes you could pursue - Adam & Even in the garden with the serpent & the apple, Peter walking on water, etc. Anything from Roman/Greek mythology. Oh, any number of things. Maybe illustrate some African stories? Whatever you do, keep on keepin' on! :)

Each of the figures are done with one continuous line.  I used to call them squiggles but I thought that as a adult I might think of a more mature way to describe them.  I start at one end and follow around back to where I started.  Then I fill in the form that I've made with designs and colors.  Then I illustrate the background... I've also done some where I create the background and draw the forms on top.

The tree in the Jonah one is done with one continuous line.

OK, got it, thanks! :) I thought maybe that was it, but wasn't 100% for sure. It kind of reminds me of the "tribal" style that is so popular right now. Are you familiar with it?


Your style is distinct, though. I mean, it has your own personal "flare" that I haven't seen anywhere else, which is good in that it sets you apart from the "pack." Keep on! :)

Cool! No I've never seen the tribal style before... it is quite similar to mine.

Try blind contour drawing; a different form of continuous line but very beautiful.  You set up a still life, or do a room's interior, or a person if you can find a willing soul, start with one corner of your page, draw whatever you decide is your outer border, follow the line up around objects, the person or whatever, but you do not look down at your paper.  You may wish to stop occasionally, but when you stop do not keep drawing, then you look down to see where you are, then look up at your subject and continue drawing.  The results are so much more interesting.  This is a very slow process because you should "feel" as though your pencil is actually tracing every detail, bump, crook, twist, etc. 

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