Hello all,

Does anyone work with the materials Tyvek or/and Lutrador? Its very interesting stuff when 'attacked' with a heat gun. Im just experimenting with it at the moment and it has huge amount of potential.

Would love to hear about or see work produced by others to see what they do with it!

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That sounds fascinating - I've never heard of it.  Can you post some pics of what you create with Lutrador and/or Tyvek?  I'd love to see some examples!
I've never heard of it either. Please tell us more and share some of your examples.

Its not the easiest stuff to get hold of, but there are some suppliers out there.

The lutratek is a bit like vylene but when a heat gun (or hair dryer) gets close, it burns tiny holes in it and with a bit of practise can create quite a nice lacey effect.

Tyvek is quite different. (often used in making strong envelopes from abroad) that dont rip and is waterproof. Also those overalls you see forensic guys wear is made from it. It can be painted, drawn, or felt-penned on first then move a hotgun around it on one side, and it creates bubbles. When cold, it goes quite stiff, like plastic.

I have yet to have created anything worth showing but I will over the next couple of days and uplaod it on to here.



Georgia please read this link on adding pics to replies:


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Oh, now I know where I've heard the term "Tyvek" before - envelopes!! Never thought of making art on the stuff, but it sounds interesting.  I look forward to seeing what you create.  It's always fun discovering new materials to work from.



I just used my super powers to edit the image into the post.  :)

Sue Pownall said:

Georgia please read this link on adding pics to replies:


how-to-add-an-image-to-your-forum post

Oh interesting. Looking forward to seeing some examples.
Oh thanks Admin!! Try to do it meself next time!

I'm glad you asked this question! I am curious as well...


The Tyvek can be very toxic when heated, so make sure you do it outdoors or in well ventilated area!


Im surprised you say that Lynn, Ive not found it even remotely pongy or smokey when heating it. Maybe its toxic but not evident.

To be honest, its heated in such small bursts and small areas, Im not sure it would have any affect on you unless you are particularly sensitive to such things.

Talking personally, I had no problems working with it and I live in a very small flat. But maybe I was just lucky? Dont know!

Certainly something to be aware of though.

I use tyvek to make covers for art journals.. or just the pages themselves.  Other than that I paint a large sheet and cut shapes from it.  then I attach the shapes to wires and add the elements to assemblage... journal covers... packaging.

I think I have a video of painting some for simple journal covers.

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