Hi all,

Last night I had so much fun making some patterned papers. Before I started creating, I planned to cover old shoe boxes with them, to stuff in some art supplies or so. But now they are finished, I love them so much, I think it is a kind of a waste to do that...lol...Any suggestions what to do with these papers are welcome!

I took some pics during the process and I thought it might be fun to share it here. This is by no means meant to be 'A Tutorial'...but well, who knows, it might inspire you :-D Right, here we go....

1. The original plan was to stick some simple flowers out of patterned on the pieces I was about to create. Since it is easier to find paint to go with patterned paper than vice versa, I chose these ones as a start. Obviously I didn't use them in the end, but I thought it would nice to share the whole process :-)

2. Based on the selection of papers in the first 'step' I chose these blues, greens, yellows, oranges and pinks. They are regular acrylics and fluid acrylics with a pearl shine or glitter in it. Btw, I didn't use them all in the end. 

You can see in the pic below how I have been setting my acrylic palette lately, by using the lid of my acrylic paint storing box. It works great, when I am finished I only have to rinse it off and put the lid back on the box and that's that! The white blob you see, is some gesso.

3. I used pieces of card-stock which were left over from frames I bought when I had to frame my artwork a couple of months ago. They worked great, since they are thicker than normal paper or card-stock, they didn't curl or wrinkle. And they were free! :-D

To apply the paint, I used sponge brushes in several sizes. I started building up the colours by the lighter ones first and just randomly making blocks of colour: yellow, glitter-orange, light pearl-pink, greens, blues. When I covered the papers I started layering by using the regular acrylic pink, orange and blue to spice it up, hence the title of the finished pieces: 'Pink it Up!'.

4. Next step was to use caps and lids in different sizes to stamp the white circles with gesso. And after that I thought it could use some stripes, so I stamped, using the textured inner package of brisks (hope this make sense...lol) and some more gesso to do that.

5.I could have left it like that, with the gesso step as the last one, but I felt it needed some more definition, so I took my black ink and painted the swirly branches on each paper and splattered some of it to add some splashes. 

Because I thought the branches were a little too bold in the composition, I used some floral stamps and a black ink pad to bring back some balance. 

6 The last thing I did was embellishing the branches and the hearts of the stamped flowers with blue and pink pearl drop paint. Et voila, the finished product :-D

I'll add a full list of supplies under the last photo. If you have any questions, please let me know!

List of supplies I used:

  • Matching pattered papers (not used in the final product).
  • Regular and fluid acrylic paint in a selection of blues, greens, yellows, oranges and pinks. 
  • Sponge brushes.
  • White gesso.
  • Caps and lids in different sizes.
  • Black ink.
  • 2 round brushes in different sizes.
  • Clear stamps (flowers and leafs).
  • Black ink pad.
  • Blue and pink pearl drop paint.

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Very nice great job!

Dez, this was so interesting!  The process is so cool and looked like fun!  I want to try this... thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed it!

These are gorgeous Des love them! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!! I have no inks ive never worked with them or tried anything like this, im intrigued, you're so generous to share your method too! I will be giving this a try one day, and im quite looking forward to it! Love and hugs my friend xx

Thank you, ladies! Muah! I had so much fun making these! And yes please give them a try, I just know you'll love it too :-) <3 Oh and Patricia, I don't think you need ink to do the black swirls (or whatever shape you will come up with), acrylics will do the job as well...

Thank you so much for your comment, dear friend <3 I have a new exhibition coming up, for adults this time, so I am thinking to use these ones...Thanks for your encouragement! 

WOW ...this is awesome Dez!....how did I miss this....thank you for sharing your process....fantastic job!

Thanx Nelz! Yeah it was lots of fun!! Glad you like it!

Nelson Failing said:

WOW ...this is awesome Dez!....how did I miss this....thank you for sharing your process....fantastic job!



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